Women in Energy Network, a platform that connects professional women in the oil industry, will launch its flagship Supernova Girl Scholarship Programme and Science Fair on June 25, 2022. The Bille community in Rivers State program follows the virtual launch of the Supernova Girl initiative, which aims to groom girls in senior and junior secondary schools to pursue careers in science and technology-related fields, Learnallpro reports.


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According to the organization, the fair will be a great inspiration program for girl children who are interested in studying mathematics and science subjects, as WIEN will provide strong motivational incentives such as scholarships, dressings, books, and other instructional materials.

WIEN President Funmi Ogbue announced that scholarships would be awarded to 15 students chosen through written exams and science experiments from the three cadres.

She stated that school uniforms, sandals, bags, and textbooks would be distributed to approximately 467 students in Bille Community. “WIEN is confident that early contact with the target group will spark a desire and ambition in the girl child to study the sciences and eventually pursue engineering as a profession, preparing them for a career in the energy sector,” she said. Ogbue went on to say that the program’s overarching goal was to instill a love of STEM in young girls, as well as to demonstrate the socioeconomic value and application of STEM in everyday life.


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