Why should I hide my IP address?



The bad part about IP addresses is they reveal your location and make it easy for anybody to track your every move online.



Ever wonder how ISPs (internet service providers), marketers, and government agencies can track your every move online? Or how streaming services know exactly which country you are in when you try to access their content library?


The answer to that is your IP address. So, hiding or changing your IP address is the only way to protect your privacy and make sure nobody can intrude your digital life.


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There are 2 main reasons why you should try to change your IP address:


1. To access websites while abroad


For instance, you could be traveling to a country that censors social media and want to check your Facebook messages.


2. To protect your online privacy:


Every year governments, advertisers, and cybercriminals are discovering new, sophisticated ways to track your online behaviour. But they can’t do it without using your IP address.



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