Where Can I Apply For Canada Visa?

Knowing all of these information, the next question that should come to your mind is How do I apply for
Canada Visa? There are two major ways to apply. You can apply virtually through the IRCC official website.

If you are applying online then you will be needing a scanner, both hard and soft copies of the required documents.

The second way to apply is via a Global Visa Application Centre. This is available in Canadian Embassies or consulates. This is the recommended option.

Passport submission.


When it gets to the point where you have to submit your passport which you will be notified, you are to
submit not just the passport but with the Request Letter via the Canada Visa Application Centre in your
own country.

Note that, If you are sending your passport to the same Application Centre you provided your
Biometrics, you do not have to pay for Transport Transmission Charges. You also have the opportunity
to pick up your passport by yourself if you want to or get it through a representative which is
authorized. Where Can I Apply For Canada Visa?

You can also pick it up through a self-addressed return courier envelope.We wish you luck as you apply for your Canada Visa.


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