The Biggest Application stores in the world.


Business apps were the second-most widely used technology in the Apple App Store in December 2021, accounting for 10.07 percent of all active apps.

The most prevalent iOS app category was games, which accounted for 21.07 percent of all active apps.


App store categories on Apple

The App Store was first released in 2008, and the number of applications obtainable has steadily increased since then.

It is hard to imagine a smartphone these days without a plethora of mobile apps. Gaming applications are the most popular apps in terms of availability, accounting for about 21.5 percent of all available apps. Gaming is another app category with a lot of mobile users.


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The average cost of an app

Applications make money in a variety of ways, including charging users a fee to download an app, charging for premium features in an otherwise free app, or basically selling ad space.

The average price of an app in the App Store as of March 2021 is 0.91 US dollars per app.

Although Google Play has a larger number of apps to choose from, the Apple App Store does a better job of commercialising its mobile content.

Worldwide private consumption on phone applications via the Apple App Store totaled 19 billion US dollars in the third quarter of 2020, smashing the still remarkable 10.3 billion US dollars spent on the Google Play platform.

App stores from other countries

Even though Apple and Google monopolise the download and spending conversation, there are a several other players with varying degrees of commercial viability and relevance.

The Amazon Appstore has over 460,000 Android apps available to users all over the world. Gaming, education, and utility apps are the most popular mobile classifications in the Amazon Appstore.

In China, there are a number of third-party Android app stores, including the Tencent Appstore, which has over 43,840 apps as of February 2021.



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