What is Privacy Center on Facebook?


Privacy Center as introduced by Meta is a new platform to learn more about the privacy approach which cuts across all applications and technologies of Meta.

Privacy Center is designed to make available meaningful information about the most common privacy subjects.


These include;


Data Collection


Data use


The Privacy Center aims to teach people the options they have got when it comes to privacy and how to make the collection and use of information easier.

According to the company, you will learn all about privacy by reading up on the company’s Data Policy.

You will also get to learn how to make use of the privacy and security control the company offers.

However, Privacy Center is now accessible by some users of Facebook who use the app on their desktop and will be extended to other users over the months to come.

Privacy Center can be found in the settings and privacy center on the desktop version of Facebook.

Pending the time that the development will circulate, the company promises to keep adding more features that will enable people to understand the approach to privacy across apps and technologies.


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In the version that is currently in use, there are five segments. Each segment entails guides and control that are related to the five aforementioned topics.


1. Sharing

If you are wondering how to clean up old posts on your profile, or you are curious as to who sees your posts, then you can check the guide.

2. Data Collection

This entails how you can learn about and access the data collected by Meta.

3. Security

Here, you can set up two-factor authentication and other security measures for your account.

4. Data Use

You can get to know how Meta uses your data and the control the company offers to manage the information collected.

5. Ads

You should know that your information determines the ads you see. You can learn how Meta does this.




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