Cloudflare Network Protection


Cloudflare is a DDoS Network Protection company that provides measures to secure all on your cloud and on-premise networks.

Cloudflare’s 100 terabit per second network blocks an average of 87 billion threats per day, along with some of the world’s largest DDoS attacks.


Cloudflare Magic Transit protects network infrastructure with BGP-based DDoS protection.

Both Forrester and IDC have labelled Cloudflare as a “leader.”

Cloudflare does not incur any extra fees for professional services. Cloudflare remedies and success engineers will assist you with hiring and training, efficiency, and tech assistance at no additional cost.

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Most attacks are mitigated in under 3 seconds thanks to a network capacity of over 100 Tbps.

Threat detection in milliseconds

BGP routing and GRE encapsulation are used to connect.

L7 services are natively integrated (CDN, WAF, Bot Management, etc.)

On-demand and always-on options

All IP services are supported (TCP, UDP, IPSec, VoIP, custom protocols)

The use of advanced analytics

Time to Mitigate is Extremely Short (TTM)

Illustration 3: Serviceability time to ameliorate spot


Suspicious traffic is recognised within seconds at a Cloudflare data centre closest to the source, thanks to a history in Network security and a large library of known attacks.

The majority of encrypted software is blocked in less than 3 seconds thanks to automatic mitigation techniques.


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