Without mincing words, all subjects are important. It is a pity that some students create hatred towards one subject or the other.


Developing interest in all subject is the best decision. This lead us to the topic of discussion on most important things students should learn in school.



While choosing the most important things, we need to understand the latest trends in the society. We need to understand the ability of such things can serve as reliable source of income as students.


1. Learn computer graphics

The truth is that computer graphics is reigning at the moment. As student, you need to join the train of computer graphics. Students are making huge sum of money from graphics. That’s why you need to guide your computer class jealously because of the huge opportunities embedded in it.


2. Learn entrepreneurial skills

As student, you need to learn the basics of entrepreneurship. You can learn it in school. Some of the entrepreneurship skills:

a. Cake Baking

b.  Decorations and Designing

c. Tailoring

d. Tie and Dye

e. Food processing

f. Technology related works

Some of these things can be learj under Home Economics and Science related subjects. As student, you need to see the opportunity that surrounds some of the above mentioned entrepreneurial skills.

Finally, take a faithful step of faith today and make money as student. Spirit of dedication can guarantee positive outcome.


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