Benefits of Becoming an Ambassador of Women Techmakers.


Women in the Technology Industry (Women Techmakers) Ambassadors are leaders from all over the world who are dedicated to strengthening their communities through events, public speaking, content creation, and mentoring.

Ambassadors are helping to create a future where all women can flourish in technology by giving them access to an international community and special resources.



What are the benefits when you become an ambassador?


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Become a member of the Ambassador Network and have access to multiple Ambassadors from across the world who are enthusiastic about technology and working to make the industry more diverse and inclusive.

With Google’s help, take the lead in your community by hosting activities, speaking, providing content, or mentoring.

Get unique access to Google-led presentations and workshops on topics ranging from leadership development to deep dives into Google technologies.

The worldwide Women Techmakers team will acknowledge you for your positive contributions to the community.



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