The management of Wellspring University, Benin City, Edo State, has published the school fees schedule for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Top-Up and Part-time students for the 2022/2023 academic session.

Wellspring University School Fees for Undergraduate Programmes

1. College of Science & Computing
B.Sc. Microbiology200,00070,000
B.Sc. Biochemistry200,00070,000
B.Sc. Computer Science220,00070,000
B.Sc. Information Technology215,00070,000
B.Sc. Cyber Security215,00070,000
B.Sc. Software Engineering225,00070,000
2. College of Basic Medical & Health Sciences
B.NSc. Nursing280,00070,000
BMLS Medical Laboratory Science240,00070,000
3. Social and Management Sciences
B.Sc. Accounting200,00070,000
B.Sc. Taxation200,00070,000
B.Sc. Mass Communication200,00070,000
B.Sc. Business Administration200,00070,000
B.Sc. Hotel Management and Tourism200,00070,000
B.Sc. Entrepreneurship190,00070,000
B.Sc. Economics200,00070,000
B.Sc. International Relations200,00070,000
B.Sc. Public Administration200,00070,000
Other Charges
Application form (One-off)7,500
Acceptance fee (One-off)25,000
Matriculation (One-off)25,000
Medicals (Sessional)20,000
Laboratory services (Sessional where applicable)20,000
Development Levy-Sessional10,000

Wellspring University School Fees for Postgraduate Programmes

Tuition fee MBA.157,500
Tuition fee MSc Accounting127,500
Tuition fee MSc Bus Admin.127,500
Tuition fee MSc Inti Relation127,500
Tuition fee MSc Microbiology127,500
Tuition fee MSc Mass Communication127,500
Tuition fee MSc Economics127,500
Tuition fee-MSc Computer Science137,500
Tuition fee-PGD Bus Admin95,000
Tuition fee-PGD Economics95,000
Tuition fee-PGD Int Relation95,000
Tuition fee-PGD Mass Communication95,000
Tuition fee-PGD Computer105,000
Other charges
PG Application form (One-off)10,000
PG Acceptance fee (One-off)30,000
PG Registration fee (Per Semester)10,000
Matriculation fee (One-off)20,000
Development Levy10,000

Wellspring University School Fees for Top-Up Programmes

Application form( One-off)7,500
Acceptance fee (One-off)30,000
Registration (One-off)20,000
Medicals (Semester)5,000
Matriculation (One-off)20,000
Development Levy-Sessional10,000

Wellspring University School Fees for Part-Time Programmes

DescriptionAmount (N)Remark
Tuition fee (Per session)150,000.00
Other charges
Application form (One-off)7,500.00
Acceptance fee( One-off)25,000.00
Matriculation fee (One-off)25,000.00To be paid at the time of Matriculation
Medical fee (per semester)3,000.00
Development Levy10,000.00

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