Here is how to check WAEC withheld result, held or outstanding result for 2020.

It is no longer news that the west african examination council (WAEC) has finally released the 2020 WAEC result.

This article is about WAEC withheld result 2020.

The exam which started in april and lasted till may, was recorded as successful across Nigeria.


Waec held results 2020

was your result with held? or was some of your subject outstanding?

read below.

WAEC Withheld (and Outstanding) Result Release Date 2020 News

The decisions have been made on WAEC withheld and outstanding result.

Those who are found guilty will have their examination cancelled, while others will be released.

Some candidates will also be banned from sitting for the examination for some number of years.

These decisions were made following the Nigeria Examination Council (NEC) meeting that held between December 10 – 12, 2020.

Read the full details of the meeting below:

nec meeting waec result waec withheld result

But such candidates result are being with held by the board before being cancelled.

candidates whose result is outstanding has a better chance of getting their result soon without its being cancelled.

read below on how to check your outstanding result.


The fact that your result is being with held by the board does not mean it will be cancelled, those result are just undergoing further screening.

but if you were involved in the following acts listed below, then consider your result likely to be CANCELLED by the board after it might have undergone screening.

candidates whose result are outstanding and are not involved in malpractice,their result were not released due to some issues like:

  • Not submitting an answer booklet
  • Not marking attendance
  • Not writing down your name on answer booklet and many more reasons.

1. IMPERSONATION : This is a highly punishable offence. The board has zero tolerance for candidates who involve themselves in impersonation.

impersonation is the act of paying somebody else money to write the exam for you.

How the board will find out is not the issue, but the board would track such candidates who impersonates.

Remember that WAEC officials are being sent to the school to monitor the examination process.

2.BAD REPORT FROM INVIGILATORS : If an invigilator gives a bad report about you at their office consider that particular subject CANCELLED.

That is why its advisable that in the process of writing the examination you should respect all external invigilators.

Once an invigilator gets angry and collects your registration number for an offence,then consider your result likely to be cancelled.

3.CAUGHT WITH ILLEGAL MATERIALS: Candidates are always warned not to bring illegal materials like phones, textbooks etc to the exam hall.

if you were caught with such materials in the exam hall and your result is being with held,it will require a lot before it can be released.

scroll down to see what to do.

4. LACK OF COORDINATION DURING THE EXAM : This is mostly caused by the school authority.

Some schools fail to coordinate themselves and the student during the examination.

Example is when the school fails to provide enough materials for practicals during the exam.

This always causes a state of unrest during the exam,thereby giving room for examination malpractice, once an invigilator notices this, he/she writes down the name of the school and report them at his office.

5. COPYING : Copying also known as expo is a serious offence.

copying normally is not supposed to make a candidates result to be cancelled.

But then some candidates make serious mistake of copying from google, their textbook and  copying word for word from their seat mate.

For every question set by the board,they have the answers on google with them.

so when you go ahead and copy answers from google, the board will find out and that means you took phone into the hall.

Even when you copy from your friends,you are not expected to copy word for word.

But then the deed has been done, is there a solution?.

candidates whose result is outstanding should not panic but keep praying,i advise them to visit WAEC offices with their school principal to resolve such issues, nevertheless all outstanding result should be released before the nec meeting in november.

Hopefully before mid september all outstanding result would have being released, but you do not sit at home and expect the board to release your result especially if you were NOT involved in malpractices.

HERE is what to do?


1. If you were not involved in the acts listed above then keep praying, your WAEC withheld result is just being scrutinized.

2. If you were involved in any of the acts listed above, then you are advised to visit WAEC offices with your school principal and parents.
if you sit at home and just keep hoping, your result will LIKELY be CANCELLED.

Even when you visit WAEC office with your parents and principal, do not expect the result anytime soon.
WAEC wont release any result until its NEC meeting coming up soon

3. Above all, pray.


The board will release such result, after its NEC meeting.

you may ask,when is the nec meeting coming up?.

I actually do not know.

In 2017 the NEC meeting came up in November and in 2018 it was held in october, so just expect your result after the NEC meeting.

but outstanding result can be released at anytime, depending on the step taken by such candidates.

I wish all those who sat for this year WAEC and their result is being with held or outstanding.

I hope the board does not cancel any major subject if the candidate is found to have committed malpractice.

Do you have any questions about WAEC withheld result 2020?.

Was your result with held or outstanding?.

Tell us, lets see how we can help you on the WAEC withheld result.



  1. After payment for jamb change of course form, its showing pending. Without visiting any CBT centre, will my change of course be resolved over time? and How long?

  2. please help my biology is outstanding performance please help me to plead for waec to released my result I need it please

  3. They write outstanding in my English in waec
    I don’t know when they will release it
    When will they release it please

  4. Pls sir help me.. I need my result…when will the next NEC meeting be held…I need my result plsssss????????????????????????????????????

  5. My name is Destiny Iyemifokhae,I sat for d private GCE exams for August/September,2019,and since then my results was withheld by WAEC..Pls,d said results be release to me for my hands were clean as I didn’t engaged myself in any exam malpractices during d inception to d end of d exams.

  6. When will they release My GCE result for 2019 pls help us because am about to go and register for another waec

  7. Pls sir my result grades are Civic B3,English C4,Government C5,Literature D7,Economics E8,while Agric,Islamic,Maths and Yoruba are Outstanding (2nd series 2019 gce) this is my 5th waec,other 4 are f9 parallel. I am tired of waec and i am somehow brilliant coz no1 is Mr. Perfect. Can i study linguistics/yoruba in UI with it? When will the outstanding result be released? And what can i do now? I av no chance of registering for another exam because i am a poor boy. My exam num is 5291802502 waec 4 private candidate 2019. Thanks

  8. Please when will the held results be released? I wasn’t involved in malpractice but still my result was held. Is there any hope? Or any exam to register for? I can’t register for GCE anymore cuz it’s already late.

    1. As said in the post, your center might be the cause of the result being held.

      You only have the option of registering for another examination which can be Neco, waec gce and Neco gce.

      Alternatively, you can write another waec exam this year.

  9. my name is Ayun oluwakayode Christian ,I sat for waec GCE sept 2019 at jni secondary school ife Olukotun yagba east LGA kogi state. my result is held , I don’t know why because I was never involved is any malpractices

  10. I just checked my result today and twas written “Held” in all subjects.
    At first I checked it on the 11 of November,2019, it was written “result not available for this candidate at this particular year “,
    Later I discovered it was released and checked it but discovered “Held”

    Please when would the NEC decide the period it would be released because their meeting was held 8th of this month, I guessed..

        1. Please sir my GCE wace result 2019 second series has been held and am suppose to pick my jamb form this January.
          what should I do and I heard the NEC just hold their meeting on November so will they release my result soon, please I really need help

  11. Will the held gce results also be released soon because of the NEC meeting that has been held or do we need to wait for another NEC meeting?

  12. When will my financial accounting result will be release. I have been written a statement at the waec office. But yet still not release

  13. My sister’s waec result was held, but we are still hoping and praying that they will release their centre’s result will be released pls assist me.
    The name of the school is “Kwara State School For Special Needs Ilorin”

  14. pls my science is withheld will it be released because l did not do examination malpratice so will my result be released

    1. Please is there still any possibility of my WAEC held result being released
      Cus my WAEC GCE August|September result is being held since last year

      1. Another NEC will take place this month, you can wait till the end of this month or perhaps register for another exam.

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