Free waec result 2020/2021 checker for the West African Examination Certificate.

I presume that all waec candidate will like to know how well they did in the 2020 waec exams.

It is very easy to check your waec 2020 result if you follow the steps in this post.

I remember when i also wanted to check my wassce result in 2018, i was really anxious with my body full of adrenaline, lol.


Don’t be too anxious about it because the grades you are going to see are the results of the answers you gave in exam.

Whether you have A, B, or C,  it doesn’t matter much as far as it makes you eligible for jamb or DE.

Let’s go to back to the main topic.

Is Waec Result 2020/2021 Out

The result will come out few weeks after the exam end.

And i am very sure that this year results will be released as soon as they finish marking, sorting and analyzing them.

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What To Do When Wassce Results Are Not Out

Just calm down and start praying for good grades when yours is released.

Also pray that the board release your result without any problems, because not all results will come out this year.

Waec result 2020 checker online


Also start planning for the future (Jamb and your admission into higher institution).

How To Check Waec Result 2020 Using Phone

Here are the steps you should follow to use the result checking portal [waecdirect].

1. Go to waecdirect result checker ????

2. Type in your waec exam number and make sure it is correct.

3. Pick the year of your exam (2020).

4. Select your examination type (school candidate results).

5. Enter your PIN.

6. Type your serial number into the box specified.

7. Click on the Submit button.

Wassce result may/june

Can I Check It Using My Phone

Yes, you can check your wassce result using your phone.

Whether you are using iPhone, android, techno, gionee, iOS device, etcetera, you can use it for the checking of your wassce results.

But yo print it out, you will need to use a computer or laptop [you can do this at any cyber cafe near you].

What is an E-pin

It is simply a 10-11 digits that you can use to check waec result 2020 online.

Without it, you can’t see your grades.

Bottom line?, it’s very important if you want to check your result.

Where Can I Get E-pin/Scratch Card

You can easily buy it at waec offices, banks and resellers.

Be careful where you want to buy it and make sure the card you are given has a valid pin.

There have been cases where a candidate will buy scratch card and it won’t work.

How Many Times Can I Check My Result

You are only permitted to check your waec result 5 times with a pin.

When you exhaust that, you will need to purchase another waec pin for checking results.

That’s crystal clear.

Can I Use One E-Pin To Check More Than One Result

No, you cannot use 1 pin to check another candidate result after you have used it for yours.

For example, you checked your own result then you want to also check for your friend, it won’t be possible.

You will surely get an error on portal.

Don’t even try it, just to be on a safe side.

May/June Waec Result Checker 2020 Via Sms

Did you know that you can also check the West Africa Examination Council results via SMS on your phone.

Now here’s the boomer!

Even though you use a small phone that doesn’t have access to internet, it will have an SMS app on it.

Note that this is not free and will cost you only thirty naira [₦30].

Here is the simple procedure:

  1. Send a message in the format WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear to 32327.
  2. Make sure there is no space in what you typed before sending it.
  3. For example: WAEC*4250101038*12346879285*2020
  4. Note that your exam year is 2020.
  5. Thirty naira will be deducted from your phone and this costs thirty naira only as i said before.
  6. You should receive a message containing your grades for each subject.

How Much Is The Scratch Card For Checking Result

The official price is seven hundred naira (₦700).

Although, some resellers will add more money to it.

When you want to purchase the pin, make sure you have at least one thousand naira (₦1000) with you.

Is It Safe To Buy The Waec E-Pin Online

Some are safe and some online sellers are not.

I will advise you to buy it offline (banks or resellers).

The reason is because seven hundred naira is not a small money and you shouldn’t be scammed of it.

But if you intend to buy it online, check reviews of the site to see if they are legit or not.

Is it a Must To Have Scratch Card Before Checking Waec 2020 Result

No, it is not compulsory.

Buy default, on your waec id card or photo card, there’s a pin there.

You can use that pin to check your waec result for 5 times after which it won’t be valid.

After using the pin for 5 times, you will need to purchase another pin.

My Result Is Showing Held/Withheld/Outstanding

This is a problem and it happens every year.

The major cause of it is examination malpractice.

Click here to see how to solve it.

It may or may not be released after the NEC meeting in 2020.

What Next After Checking 2020 Waec Result

Have you successfully checked your wassce result for may/june examinations?

If you have, here are the things you should do next.

  1. Start preparing for jamb 2021 exam.
  2. Upload your result if you already registered for jamb 2020 and used awaiting results during registration.
  3. Learn a trade; try to learn a skill as the employment rate in Nigeria is going down everyday.
  4. Enroll for jamb lesson.
  5. Share this post with other waec 2020 candidates.

If you have any questions bothering you or problems with checking your result, drop a comment below.


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