This is the latest guide on waec 2020/2021 registration form that contains everything any wassce candidates needs to know.

I am sure that you the importance of  West Africa Examination Council (WAEC)  in Nigeria.

Gaining admission into any educational institution in Nigeria without o level result is impossible even if you use direct entry.

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Please do note that WAEC is quite different from WAEC GCE, NECO and NECO GCE.

What will you get in this post? It is not something lengthy posts without making a point.

You will see how to register for waec 2020 exam, the requirements, starting date, deadline and examination date.

In addition some frequently asked questions about wassce will be answered in this post; questions about the exam, next thing to do after registration for waec, etcetera.

Waec 2020 registration form

Even if you are not SS3 yet (maybe SS1 or SS2) I have something you need to know before wassce registration.

Requirements To Register For Waec 2020/2021 Exam

These are the prequisites before you think of even registering for waec exam.

  1. You must be in the senior secondary school (SS3 or SS2) may be a private or public school.
  2. You should know your future ambition by now, this will allow you to know the subjects you are to do in waec.
  3. Have the registration fees with you.
  4. Get a personal email address and know the password (I advise you use gmail).
  5. Know your date of birth.
  6. Have passports with you (they now make use of face capturing), but still make sure you have them.
  7. Have a personal phone number.
  8. Know the correct spelling of your names (Surname, First name and Middle name).
  9. Know your local government and state of origin.
  10. Your residential address.
  11. You should know the subjects that you are going to sit for in the exam.
  12. You should be prepared to study for the examination.

How Much Is Waec Form 2020

The registration fee is ₦13,950 (thirteen thousand nine hundred and fifty naira).

Due to some other expenses I will advise you have about ₦15,000 (fifteen thousand naira) at hand.

There may be changes in the price of the form, but as soon as I notice the change I will add it here.

Although private schools increase the price of the waec form whereas public schools don’t.

Make sure you pay to learn he right person or bank, this is because most  people scam students and claim to be waec registration officers.

Where To Get Waec Form & Register

If you are still in secondary school, you will know when the form is out.

You will be asked to pay the money to the bank (account details will be given to you).

All the registration process will take place in your school.

If you are not in secondary school, you can go to any school that accepts external candidates and register there.

Make sure you have everything needed for waec registration 2020/2021 before proceeding.

How To Get Waec Syllabus For 2020 Candidates

The syllabus will soon be posted on this website.

I will also add a link to download it here for you.

It even totally free for everyone and it will be a PDF file.

2020 Waec Timetable (May/June)

Note that the timetable has been released.

But when it is released, you will get it on this website.

The timetable will contain your subject, exam date and time.

When is Waec 2020 Starting Day For Exam

They are going to write the waec exam starting May to June.

You will actually see this on the timetable.

The Truth About Waec Expo 2020

2020/2021 Waec expo or runz is also examination malpractice.

It can in no way help you, it will only cause problems for you.

It is a major reason why waec results are cancelled, held, withheld or marked outstanding every year.

It can even cause a whole center to be banned from participating in waec.

If you want your result to come out good, don’t to engage yourself in any examination malpractice.

People even get arrested for this illegal act and you know it’s bad right?

Bottom line, run away from anything called waec expo or runz. Do your exams by yourself.

When Will They Release Waec Results

Waec results are released a month to three months after the exams are done.

You should know it takes time for them to mark the answer scripts.

Since the answers are marked by humans, it takes some time.

You should care more about what you are going to have in the result.

Pray to God for a good result while waiting for the board to release it.

After Waec 2020 Registration What Next

What should you do after you have successfully completed your registration for waec?

The next thing to do is to plan how you are going to pass the exam without exam malpractice or expo.

Preparation is the key to straight A’s in waec.

You should then start reading your books and solve waec past questions after reading to see how well you understand what you just read.

Don’t forget to always pray for God’s support.

Can A SS2 Student Register & Sit For Waec

Yes, it is possible and happens a lot every year.

If you are in ss2 and you want to do waec, make sure you know what ss3 students are being taught.

Here is why.

Waec sets questions from topics of ss1, ss2 and ss3.

So to be able to correctly answer these questions, you need to understand the topic.

What Happens After Waec Form Closes

Actually last year, when the waec form closed a guy didn’t know that they have closed the registration form.

He went to waec office to beg them so as to reopen the portal for registration, but there is nothing they could do to help him.

What does this mean to you? Once the board close the form on the portal, they can’t open it again for you.

One way to prevent this from happening is that once the form is out, register as soon as possible.

Waec deadline will be released but who knows if they change it and may cause some people not to be able to sit for waec exam.

Can Someone Write My Exams For Me in Waec

The simple and straight forward answer is No.

This practice is called impersonation and is categorized as part of examination malpractice.

It can actually get you or your result a penalty from the board which is not good.

Do you know that people get arrested every year because of this act (impersonation)?

Not only that, results are cancelled or held by the board due to this illegal act.

My small advice for you is that you should do your exams by yourself, don’t let anyone do them for you.


This post has clearly explained to you what you need to know about 2020 waec registration as a candidate.

It will be updated regularly with more legit information that needs to added.

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