Recently, we got the waec marking scheme and grading system that will be used for 2020 waec candidates.

So many students have been sending me emails and asking similar questions like:

  • How to calculate waec grades?
  • What is the waec marking grade?
  • What is the marking scheme for English language in waec?
  • How are waec answer scripts being marked?

So, today i finally concluded to publish a post that will answer all of these questions.

If you are new to this website, you are going to get a lot of guides on the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC).


Let’s dive right in.  ????

Waec 2020/2021


Waec Marking Scheme 2020

Have you been able to check your waec result? If not, click here to see how.

Sometimes the grades we see in our result is quite different from what we were expecting.

Want to see how wassce marking is done? Scroll down!.

Not all institutions calculate your o level result, but they at least 5 credit grades in it.

In summary;

GradePerformance Rating
B2Very Good

Scroll down to see the scores for each of these grades.

Waec Grading System For 2020 Candidates

Waec uses the A, B, C, D, E & F grading system just like neco and gce.

Here is actually how it works.

A1 is for 75% – 100% score.

B2 is for 70% – 74% score.

B3 is for 65% – 69% score.

C4 is for 60% – 64% score.

C5 is for 55% – 59% score.

C6 is for 50% – 54% score.

D7 is for 45% – 49% score.

E8 is for 40% – 44% score.

F9 is for 0% – 39% score.

Your total score in a subject is over 100 including the theory, objective and/or practicals part.

I’m very sure that no one would like to have D, E or F in his or her waec result.

This is because all higher institutions in Nigeria require a minimum of credit passes [C] before you even be considered to be eligible for admission.

Also note that English language and mathematics are compulsory no matter the department you are.

Is waec PPT or CBT exam?

Of course, not every candidate knows if the exam will PPT or CBT.

For the past years, waec has been PPT.

Note that: PPT means Pen and Paper Test, while CBT means Computer Based Test.

Neco, nabteb and gce are also PPT.

How does waec mark exam papers?

Waec does not make use of computers to mark the answer papers due to inaccuracies.

What they simply do is to hire teachers and experienced people to do the marking.

They pay them per paper and each person is assigned to a particular subject, not just that one person will mark randomly.

The waec marking scheme is given to the markers and they are to abide by it.

The mark for each question is indicated in that waec marking guide.

Please, make sure you share this post with other candidates as most of them don’t know how their scripts are marked.

Do you have any questions or would like to know about the West Africa Examination Council marking scheme? Drop your comment below.

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