A lot of students have failed jamb utme  exam due to the unavailability of knowledge on how to use the past question.

This article will be talking about the ways with which past questions can be used effectively for better understanding.

Compulsorily, every student who is aspiring to write UTME 2021 should have a past question booklet on all subjects to be tested on during the examination period.

Why You Need Jamb Past Questions

Jamb gives Publishers the right to publish past questions for the sole purpose of helping students understand the question setting patterns.


It enables students know the areas where Jamb is likely to bring a question from.

Fortunately for us, Jamb repeats most questions every year, so there is an eighty percent tendency that the questions in the 2020 past questions will be present in the 2021 UTME.

So having past question booklets will be much helpful.

How To Use Jamb Past Questions To Pass Jamb 2021 Exam

After covering the of a particular subject, the next step is to work with your jamb past questions.

Use jamb past questions

I will advise you begin to study your past question with the ancient questions ( 1989-2005): as the questions in it are more challenging and complex.

If you are able to pass that stage, you can now go ahead to study questions from 2019 downwards and try to get the pattern of how the questions are being set.

Don’t cram answers, rather go over the questions as many times as you can and devise a quick and safe method of approach.


Finally, I will advise you to attend tutorials as it is easier to learn when you are with friends.

While attending tutorials, pick a student like you to help you in your various areas of difficulty (I bet you will find this pretty easy).

One more thing: always create a time to have fun and pray.

If you follow these guides, trust me you will come out in flying colours.

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