Here is a way to upload your o level result on JAMB portal UTME and direct entry candidates.

As the battle for 2020 admission continues, JAMB CAPS portal re-opens for 2020 admission.

Post UTME registration and exam takes place aspirants of various institution must know that uploading of o level result is a major criteria in gaining admission into any institution in Nigeria.

how to check if my o level has been uploaded


A lot of aspirants ask frequent questions like:

  • How can I upload my WAEC/NECO result?
  • Can I upload my result, with my phone?
  • How can I check if my result was properly uploaded?
  • When is the deadline for uploading result?
  • What are the requirements for uploading o level result?
  • What if one subject is held or outstanding, can I upload it?

Do not panic, I was once in that same scenario and I know the answer to all your questions.

Just about now, I am going all your questions. Follow me carefully.

After I show you how to upload your O’level result on JAMB portal, I will also answer questions like:

Let’s begin right away.

Upload waec result on jamb portal 2020

Before you even start thinking of uploading your O’level result on JAMB portal, there are certain things you should have available first.

Requirements for uploading of o level result on JAMB Site

1. Your JAMB profile code : You can’t do anything about JAMB or gaining admission without your JAMB profile code.

Your JAMB profile code is very vital in uploading o level result, in case you misplace it, you can use the next requirements.

2. Your email address : If you do not have your profile code again, you can use your email address.

Also you can recover your profile code by several means.

One of which is when you login your JAMB CAPS portal.

Immediately you login, you will see your profile code at the place written welcome back.

3. Your O level Result : This is the main deal and reason why you are here. It is necessary that you have your o level result.

This result may be WAEC, NECO or GCE results.

Read on, to see the complete procedures you need to take.

How To Upload Your O’Level Result On JAMB Portal

Follow the steps below to upload your WAEC, NECO or GCE results on JAMB portal in 2020.

1. Check your o level result and print it out if you have not done that before. If you have, move to the next step. Make sure you make some photocopies of the original result.

2 : Go to the nearest JAMB CBT center. Don’t forget to take along with you, your o level result, JAMB profile code and email address. Also take money along.

3. Give them your results and tell them that you want to upload it on JAMB site. They will ask for your profile code, email address and money before it can be done.

Can I Upload It With My Phone ?

No, you can’t upload it with your phone.

Most candidates usually try to do it by themselves using their phones, don’t make this mistake.

Even if you have the results on your phone.

Just don’t try to do it with your phone.

Follow the steps above and it will be done easily without problems.

What Is The Meaning Of AR in JAMB  ?

AR is an acronym for Awaiting Result.

Candidates who used awaiting result while registering for JAMB will see this on their JAMB profile when they login.

If you used awaiting result and you have uploaded it, the ‘AR‘ will change to the grades you have in your results.

If you did not use awaiting result for JAMB registration, then you don’t need to worry.

JAMB Uploading of Result Deadline 2020?

There is no exact deadline for uploading your WAEC, GCE or NECO result on JAMB portal.

The main thing you should know is that, be fast.

Upload your o level result as soon as possible.

If the result is out today, upload it tomorrow or 2 days after.

Just make sure that it’s uploaded before the post UTME form of your school closes.

It will affect your admission if you don’t upload it before the required time [post UTME].

What If My Result Was Held or Outstanding  ?

If your o level result was held, withheld or marked outstanding, wait for it to be released.

It may be released after the NEC meets and decides on it.

Just pray that they release yours, sometimes they don’t release all and cancel some results.

Keep checking WAEC and NECO portal for any latest updates about the held, withheld and outstanding results.

How Do I Check If My Result Was Uploaded  ?

You may also want to check if was done properly without any mistakes.

This is the main reason why you should pay attention to what they are uploading and if it was done successfully.

1. Go to JAMB portal  and login with your email address and password.

2. Click on check admission status.

3. Change to desktop mode on your browser.

4. Login to JAMB CAPS portal.

5. At your left hand side, you will see ‘my o level‘.

6. Click on it.  It will take you to your o level result.

7. That’s all you need to do.

What Happens If I Don’t Upload My Result On JAMB Portal ?

If you don’t upload it on time, you may forfeit your admission.

O level results are used by the school management.

It is there a criteria used to gain admission into any institution in Nigeria.

How Much Is For Uploading Of O Level Result  ?

Take about five hundred naira (₦500).

Most CBT centers will ask for two hundred naira (₦200).

They can’t collect more than five hundred naira from you.

Don’t think that they will do it for you for free.

How Many Times can I Upload My Result  ?

You can upload many times as you can.

But you will still pay money for uploading each result at the JAMB CBT center.

Don’t have it in mind that they would collect ₦200 and upload it 5 times.

Is The Uploading Of Results For Everyone ?

It is actually not for everyone.

If you have uploaded it successfully before, you don’t need to upload it again.

It is mainly for :

  • Those people that used awaiting results during JAMB 2020 registration.
  • Candidates that made a mistake while uploading their results.
  • People who want to replace the o level result they uploaded before with another one.

If you don’t fall in any of the categories above, then you don’t need to upload anything.

Can I Combine Two Results On JAMB Site  ?

Yes you can combine two results and upload it.

Just make sure that the institution accepts two sittings in your o level results.

If they do, then you are good to go.



  1. Your advice and info was helpful
    Thanks anyways,
    But I have a complaint,
    I wrote waec in 2019 but still yet when I was registering for jamb awaiting result was put there.
    How should I go about it?

  2. Can i print jamb result slip without uploading ssce result yet? The closest centre to me is closed down due to the pandemic.

    1. Both are allowed, I just prefer the original WAEC result. At one point in your admission screening, your school will request for it.

  3. I really appreciate this information.
    There was an error in the spelling of my name in my neco result and i want to combine it with my waec which was spelt correctly and go for data correction thereafter,will it affect my securing admission?

  4. Pls wen I registered for jamb I gave them my waec result and it was uploaded but I failed English and I want to sit for neco dis year…the tin is I didn’t tell Dem am using awaiting result. So wat can I do

  5. Sir, on my WAEC result i don’t have literature and mathematics. And when I registered JAMB i used AR NABTEB. So can I also change it to two-sitting after the commencement of all the examination?.

  6. I’m really confused..during my regiatration..I put awaiting result cus my biology was outstanding and I wrote last year..will jamb still accept it even if its 2019

  7. Aright,I cherish ur information about JAMB,but I want to ask you to know if it is advisable to buy two forms at same time.

  8. Sir there was a mistake while uploading my o level examination number during jamb registration, pls can i go and correct it after writing my jamb exam?

    1. Yes you can do that after exams, but try going to the cbt center where it was uploaded and explain everything to them.

  9. I have paid for utmepin of #4000 last week but am yet to receive the pin in order to complete myregistration. Pmease what step should i take

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