Simple way on how to unshare data on glo without knowing the number.

This post will show you how to do the following actions on your glo sim:

  • how to check who is sharing your data on glo.
  • how to view glo data shared numbers.
  • how to remove number sharing my glo data.
  • how to check my glo data share numbers.

There are lots of reasons why you may want to remove a particular number from enjoying your precious data.

Since this guide will be for glo users, i will create an article on steps to unshare data on mtn, airtel and 9mobile.


Buying data is not easy considering the circumstances we are facing currently in this country.

If you check your data usage on your phone and the data you use is not up to what you purchased, then someone is enjoying your data with you ????.

Don’t worry i will show you how to detect them and cancel the sharing of your data with them.

If you are the one that intentionally shared the data and you are satisfied or fully okay with it, then you don’t need to remove them.

But it does pain when you share your glo data with a friend and he or she is using it on sites and apps that consumes data a lot ????.

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How To Know Which Number You Are Sharing Data With

Before you can even think of unsharing on your sim, you need to know the number using your data.


I’m very sure it will be someone you know or close to you.

Glo Nigeria

If you already know the correct number, maybe you were the one that added it by yourself.

Method 1

Dial *127*00# on your phone (it’s for free)

Method 2

Send List to 127 using your glo number as the sender.

Try any of the two methods, i have tried it on my phone and it is perfectly working.

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How To Unshare Data With USSD Code & SMS on Glo

There are two techniques that are currently working in 2020.

The first one is by dialing a USSD code, while the second method entails sending a message to 127.

Try any of the two as both are free of charge.

Method 1

Dial *127*02*[The number sharing data with you]# ,for example if the number sharing data with me is 07065408**. I would dial *127*02*07065408***# to remove that number from my sharing list.

Method 2

Open your messaging application and send Remove [The Number sharing data with your sim] to 127. Make sure 127 is the recipient. For example, if the number is 07065408**, i will simply send Remove 07065408** to 127.

As at the time of writing this post, both methods are working perfectly.

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What Is The Maximum Phone Numbers That Can Share My Data

Your data bundle can only be shared with a maximum of five (5) glo numbers only.

You can’t override that specified limit.

But what i do know is that sharing your data with 5 different people will make it to finish faster than when you are the only one using it.


Leaving your phone lying about may cause someone to add his or her to the sim so as to share your data with you.

Make sure you have password protection set up on your device.

This post has showed you how to remove a number that is using your data subscription with you on Glo network.

Only glo numbers can partake in your data plan, mtn, airtel and 9mobile numbers cannot work.

Share this post with your friends and family, it will be of help to them, sharing is caring.

Have you been cancel data sharing on glo following the guidelines above?

If you have any questions related to this, feel free to leave a comment below.


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