Unique Features on Spotify you should know



Spotify is unarguably the most biggest music streaming service in the world.


It has more than 70 million tracks and about 3.2 million podcast titles.

The music platform is also designed in a way that music fans find it easy to love.

However, the success of Spotify today is majorly due to platform structure and organization and the constant updates of features on the app.

Spotify has made it a core responsibility to always impolrove the features and sections of the app. But often time, if awareness bis not made, these features are easy to ignore

This therefore takes us to highlighting some features on Spotify which can improve your listening enjoyment, that you might not know exist or do not know how to use.

Although, to enjoy most of these features, you have to subscribe to premium package.

Nevertheless, there are quite a number of features that you can still enjoy as a non paying user of Spotify.

– Access to profile

Spotify allows you to create your profile and also have access to it anytime.



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– Top artists

If you click on your profile name which is just at the upper part of the right corner of the app, your top artists will be revealed, likewise your tracks of the month.

– Song history

On the top right corner of the desktop or mobile view is an icon which looks similar to a clock, if tapped, you will have access to your listening history with date.

– Pinning feature

You can pin up to four albums or playlists in your library to have easy access later. You can do this by just swiping up and down on the app to pin and unpin respectively.

– Friend invite

On Spotify, you can invite your friends and family to collaborate as you build a playlist. You can simply invite anyone to join a playlist and you then add tracks to it.

Any of the invited persons can remove, add or reorder tracks on the playlist in as much he/she is added.

To do this, the collaborative playlist icon looks like a person with the plus sign, just click the icon and follow the process.

– Audio quality adjustment

On Spotify, you can adjust the audio quality of the songs you listen to, via your settings.

The music app offers four levels of playback quality: 24 kbp/s (low), 96 kbp/s (normal), 160 kbp/s (high), and 320 kbp/s (very high).


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