12 Top Companies with Powerful Employees

You might be wondering about the pillars that uphold the top rated companies and the position these people hold.

Here is structural plot of important people in the thriving companies as accumulated by insider.

1. Netflix


The entertainment based tech agent has approximately 66 powerful people who serves as the backbone of the company.

2. Microsoft

For Microsoft, it is quite a figure. 175 people were identified as the most powerful people.

3. Microsoft Cloud

The company is reported to have thirty excecutives who are all vibrant and dilligent. Led by Satya Nadella, the CEO, Microsoft Cloud, they run the business


4. Amazon Web Services
For Amazon, there are ninety-five strong people who are identified as the most powerful people at Amazon Web Services.



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5. Google
Under Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, there are 195 other people who is raising the flag of success.

6. Google Cloud
Google cloud has over 142 active people. The company with the aid of these people is keen on overtaking both Microsoft and Amazon.

7. YouTube
There are approximately 50 people running YouTube.

8. Intel
As reported, Pat Gelsinger has been trying every possible best to turn the situation of the company around for good ever since he became the new CEO.

However, there are 181 people who are also walking on their toes to make a change in the growth of the company.

9. Salesforce

Under Marc Benioff are other 138 people who are also as powerful and effective as the CEO.

10. Citigroup

Citigroup has at least 40 powerful investment bankers.

11. JPMorgan

At the company as of the moment, there are 70 powerful people who work dilligently not just to retain the job but to make the company excel.

12. Wells Fargo

The 90 identified powerful people were hired by the CEO of Wells, Charlie Scharf from BNY, JPM and other prominent firms.

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