Top 5 Deadliest and Most Dangerous Books

Without mincing words, there are life changing and inspiring books that have impacted many lives and the other way round.

In this article, we are going to examine top 5 deadliest and most dangerous books.

1. The Cookbook of the Anarchist: This book was written by William Powell while he was in his twenties, so the quality of his writing is unlikely to be on par with, or even close to, Shakespeare’s.



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Contrary to popular belief, this book has nothing to do with cooking delicious meals and everything to do with making bombs, high explosives, and drug synthesis at home.

Even though William attempted to halt the production of his work later in life, his efforts were futile because the copyrights to his book had been sold to the publisher and there was nothing he could do about it. This book is so dangerous that it has been banned in Australia.


2. The 48 Laws of Power: You may believe you have a good understanding of knife combat philosophy from books, periodicals, and martial arts instruction. But unless you’ve actually been in a knife fight, it’s just theory! The goal of a knife fight is to kill your opponent as quickly as possible while putting yourself in the least amount of danger. In this world, honor and kindness have no place.


As you can see, the knowledge in this book, which has been honed in the harshest of environments, can literally mean the difference between life and death! As one might expect, such knowledge is destined to be regulated and controlled, which is why the United Kingdom has banned this book.



3. Folsom Prison Knife Fighting Techniques: Put ‘Em Down, Take ‘Em Out One of the most lethal novels ever written. This is due to the book’s lessons and concepts delving into the philosophies and truths of obtaining power, not only for large things like ruling a country, but also for smaller things like ascending the social hierarchy within your friend group.


In the film Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the protagonists attempt to instill an infectious concept in the mind of a wealthy business owner, which eventually leads to his voluntary dissolution of his multibillion-dollar corporation.

The book has gained a lot of attention and appeal among convicts due to its controversial beliefs. As a result, many states in the United States have explicitly prohibited its use in prison libraries!

4. Kill or Be Killed: Since we’re talking about violent books, this hand-to-hand combat handbook covers all of the military and navy’s most lethal methods and movements, which are used and taught in both armed and unarmed combat situations.

It covers manhandling, riot control, crowd control, close-quarters combat, combat shooting, and much more! Colonel Rex Applegate, the book’s author, is widely regarded as the father of modern close combat and combat shooting, and it is widely regarded as the gold standard against which all subsequent works on the subject are measured.

Despite the fact that the book is quite old (it was published in 1976), the substance and value it provides to those who understand how to use it are timeless!



5. The Feminine Mystique: The Feminine Mystique is a seminal publication from the second wave of feminism, which spanned the 1960s and 1980s. During World War II, many women took on new roles in the economy and culture, such as working in heavy industries and serving in the military. The US government hailed these female roles as a positive trend. However, the ancient worship of domesticity resurfaced during WWII and continued until the 1950s.


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