Tech Camp exposes Georgia high school students to careers in technology.



Tamta Kapanadze wishes she had known about technology careers sooner. She was already a university student when the Georgian citizen learned about them.



Kapanadze wanted to spread the word about the growing field of technology to high-school students in Georgia, a country where the industry is still small, as her studies progressed and her interest in technology grew.


Kapanadze enlisted the help of Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSCs), which are community organisations for college and university students intrigued in Google’s developer technology.


Kapanadze continued her work after graduating from university by forming a Kutaisi chapter of Google Developer Groups (GDGs).


Google Developer Groups are the world’s largest professional developer community network. The programme is made up of local sections that provide welcoming environments for anyone interested in technology.


Members can learn new skills and encounter other developers with common interests via online and in-person events hosted by the chapters.


Despite all of this, Kapanadze was still eager to do more. Mariam, GDSC Georgia American University Lead; Iliko, GDSC Georgia American University core team member; Giorgi, GDSC Tbilisi State University Lead; and Bakar, GDSC San Diego State University Lead were among the friends and colleagues she enlisted.


Tech Camp, a virtual technological learning experience that focuses on teaching high schoolers about technical fields as well as how to begin career paths in web development, game development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more, was planned with this team in place.


Tamta Kapanadze is a Georgian actress.


While planning and executing a new event is difficult enough, Kapanadze and her partners did not let the complexities of the previous year deter them from launching Tech Camp.


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They aim to make the event known to the public around mid-January. Due to this, they had to do a to-do list and give deadlines to finish up.


They were able to achieve quite a number of things within few weeks of serious planning. These include;


Choosing topics for the sessions, hunting for speakers, chosing dates and creation of a suitable timetable for the camp.


They were also able to make available an application form, and created logos and other designs for the camp.


Kapanadze and her partners applications for Tech Camp were available starting from Jan. 20 to Feb. 10.


The speakers were also announced to the public.


Initially, the focus was to get thirty applications but 300 applications came in. For the speaker segment, 300 students turned up and 50 students for the coding segment.


The Techcamp commenced on the 15th of February.


According to Kapanadze and her team, it is believed that success is when you are able to at least impact a single soul.

Majority of the people who attended the Techcamp made the decision to go on a career path in Technology.

You can watch videos from the Tech Camp on YouTube.



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