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Taliban Hang Corpses of Three Men From Diggers After They Were Publicly Executed (Graphic Photos)

The victims

The victims


Bodies of three men have been displayed after they were killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan.


The three men were alleged to have invaded a man’s home.


After they were killed, their bodies were hoisted into the air by diggers in Afghanistan.


The three men were shot for trying to enter a home in the Obe district of Herat province, according to Herat deputy governor Mawlawi Shir Ahmad Muhajir.


After they were shot, Taliban forces attached the bodies to a digger and hung for all to see as a deterrent for their crimes.


The graphic images were shared on social media after locals took photographs of the horrific scenes.


Despite the Taliban insisting they have changed from the punishments in the past, there is concern they have returned to the ways seen during their first reign in charge during 1996 to 2001.


The images are released as human rights group Amnesty International claim the Taliban unlawfully killed 13 people.


According to Amnesty International, the 13 killings took place in the village of Kahor in Daykundi and included a 17-year-old girl.


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