Is it really possible for someone to register for jamb twice in 2021?

Many students ask me a lot of questions via email, asking questions like;

  • Can i register for jamb and direct entry at the same time?
  • What happens if i did the registration twice?
  • Is it possible to buy two jamb forms?

In this post, you will find the answers to those questions if you have any of them in your mind.

Now that many people want to gain admission into Nigeria institutions, many people will go through UTME while others will go via direct entry.


Since direct entry is not as sure as that of UTME in terms of the chances of getting admitted into your institution to study your desired course.

Without wasting much of your time, let me answer the question as this article is not going to be long.


Can I Register For Jamb 2021 Twice

No, it’s not possible for you to do the registration twice.

This is because;

  1. Your finger prints are going to be taken.
  2. Your face is going to be captured during registration.
  3. Your details (bio data) are going to stored in jamb’s database.

Don’t even think of trying it because it is highly illegal and you will surely be caught in the act.

Jamb 2021

How do you think it will feel if you are prohibited from registering for jamb not to even talk of sitting for the exam.

Just register for jamb once and for all.

In case you just want to re-register because you made some mistakes, don’t worry you can do correction of data after the examination.


Can I Register For Jamb and Direct Entry At The Same Time

I know you really want to get that admission.

Don’t worry i was once in the same shoes as you.

You are probably thinking; “if i register for direct entry and jamb at the same time, it will be better “.

If it’s direct entry you want to sit for, register for jamb direct entry.

If it is also Jamb that you have in mind, register for it and forget DE.

Don’t think of killing two birds with one stone.

It can be extremely fatal to your admission.

Just pick one out of the two.

Gotten the answer, right?

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