5 profitable businesses you should consider.



Business can be tiring especially when you do not have enough funds.


A lot of people have considered various business but had to quit just because they could not afford the capital. But the real deal is, you do not need to have millions in your bank account before you can run a successful business.

Business owners who did not start big but go through the gradual process of building a business tend to get more opportunities.

Listed below are five businesses you might want to consider in 2022 with just a little capital.


1. Laundry services

Even though the world has seen quite a lot of technological improvement, it does not change the fact that we all need to put on clean clothes and that fact will not change in years to come.

However, if you are opportuned to get a washing machine or have access to a laundromat, laundry, dry cleaning and pickup/delivery should be considered.

Before considering this laundry however, there are questions you should provide positive answers to;

– Do you have a washing machine, or you know someone who can permit you to use his/hers?

– What kind of services do you intend to offer? Washing, Dry cleaning, Pick up and delivery or all of the above?

– Your location? Who are you target Customers?

2. Food Business

Food is essential to all, but not all people has the time and the energy to prepare tye food they eat. Starting a food business is not a bad idea.

Although competition is inevitable. Going extra mile to deliver the cooked food is another opened opportunity if you want to consider it.

You should consider the following and make a decision before venturing into the food matters.

– Do you want to prepare the food from your menu and get it delivered to the customers?

– Do you want to consider an intermediary who would take the food from your house and deliver it to the customers?

– Your price for each menu?


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3. Car Wash

Another profitable business that requires low capital is car washing. There are various benefit in the business opportunity that no many seem to recognize.

Unlike many other businesses, car washing is not seasonal. Come rain, come sunshine, cars owners will get their cars washed.

Before you venture into the business however, you should consider;

– Location

As prosperous as the business can be, it can easily die down if the location is not thoroughly considered. For the business to thrive, you need a place closer to highway, popular landmarks and places with high traffic.
You should also have a good water system.


4. T-shirt printing

Gone are the days when T-shirt is just a type of cloth. Now these type of casual wear is used to tell stories, reflect personality, advertise and lot more.
Starting a T-shirt business might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

The business require less capital and is easy to run. The cost of production of uncustomized T-shirt do not cost a lot but you can sell your creativity.

Before you get started, there are a couple of things to consider:

– The niche you will be choosing for your t-shirt business should be based on your audience or customers interest level to buy a customized T-shirt.

– The quality of cloth materials and their cost.

– Seting up of an online store making it easier for people to order.


5. Liquid Soaps

According to a lot of people, soapmaking is a hobby that is quite fun but if strategized can turn into a full-time business or a source of extra income.

Soapmaking business is not expensive to run. The effect of coronavirus pandemic on our society is an advantage to this business as you will rarely see a building that has no bottle of liquid soap.

The type of liquid soap you want to produce should be a question you must answer before starting the business.


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