4 Paying Apps you should Download

If you are looking for ways that is not quite stressful and announcing to make money, and you are beginning to believe it’s not possible, don’t stress, it is achievable.

With the apps that will be highlighted in this article, you can make real money at your own convenience just with your smartphone.

In addition, this apps has no effect on your location, you can make your money wherever you are in the world.


Although, there is this security threat attached to project online these days which has left many with nothing but doubt about legitimacy of these apps.

On the contrary, the apps has been proven by many to be legit over the years of running.


Carry1st App


In the year 2019, a game was launched by carry1st named Carry1st Trivia. With over 1.5 million downloads in two African countries, Nigeria and Kenya, the game became the most paying played game on Android.

The trivia game provides users with the task of answering multiple-choice questions on a range of topics to get the highest score. The practice mode is also available to help users prepare and earn rewards/cash prizes for the correct answers.

The game offers various topics, regular gameplay, and potential for rewards! The app has a very simple format, not confusing, just gameplay. You do have to buy tokens to play in the competitions, but this funds the rewards.


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UserTesting App

UserTesting is a human insight system that enables businesses with a behind-the-scenes look at how their target audience interacts with their product. Major brands such as Facebook, Wayfair, Ford, Alaska Airlines, Adobe, Walmart, and others have used this platform to learn how to improve their products, messaging, or apps.

When you are qualified for a test or an interview, you provide feedback using a microphone and a shared screen.
The regular duration of the interview is twenty minutes in which you can earn up to $10 at a go. However, you can finish before the speculated twenty minutes and you would still get paid your promised amount.

Achievement App

Achievement App also known as “walk for money” is an online system that pay you real money for just living your life.
The free app gives you point by just going by your daily activities such as sleeping, eating, and other activities that is beneficial to human health.

It is your choice however, to convert your point to real money or give it out to charity.
Although, it takes a while to earn a large amount of money but it is quite passive and only consistency will make you rich using this app. App

Has it ever occur to you that you could sit at the convenience of your home and getting paid for just playing video games? There is, however, a way to do so, and it is through VMC’s Global Beta Test Network (GBTN) initiative. GBTN is a AAA online game testing programme that pays testers an hourly rate to test a diverse range of multi-platform game titles. Payment is made 45 days after the project’s conclusion date and is dependant on location.

There is no set day for testing, and it is dependent on what requires tested and when. In any event, the more effort you put into your task, the more you will gain from it.

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