Let me show the easiest way to pass NECO 2020 exam at once without expo or runz.

Reading this article means that you have probably tried to prepare and get straight A ‘s in NECO exam.

Well, that’s going to be very easy for you after going through this post.

Let’s face it.


Is NECO harder than WAEC?

My answer : “None is hard”.

Why is that?.

It only depends on how you have prepared for any of these exams and how much you have retained in your brain while reading.

Most candidates will just cram a day or more before the exam, thinking they will pass this exam.

Cramming can easily work for only objectives-type exam.

NECO consist of both theory, practical and objective questions.

Pass neco 2020 examination

Since it is the best alternative to waec, they are the same type of exam.

If you follow the steps below, then it won’t be hard for you to pass this neco exam in 2020 and get straight A ‘s.

Let’s get started.

Materials Needed To Pass NECO At Once

You will surely need some things to be able to prepare for NECO exam.

Just as every other o level exam in Nigeria, neco is not a very difficult-to-pass exam.

If you know what you are doing and you study hard for it, then straight A ‘s will become a reality, not a dream.

1. NECO Past Questions and Answers.
2. Textbooks That Are The Best To Read For Neco.
3. Neco Syllabus.
4. Prayers.
5. Hard work(Reading).

Do You Need Expo To Get Straight A ‘s In NECO ?

The simplest answer to this question is “No”.

Many people who think they are smart and doing the right thing, go ahead with expo (examination malpractice).

But do you know that, the result of this bad act is not good.

It only wastes time and money, imagine rewriting the exam again, all because of expo.

Every year, NECO results are withheld, cancelled, marked as outstanding (not released), etcetera… due to expo/runz.

I will plainly advice you to use the money you want to use for expo to get some textbooks or past questions.

Don’t be deceived by anyone, neco is not as hard as you think.

How To Pass NECO 2020 Examination

If you want to check your NECO result and smile, follow the tips below:

1. Start Your NECO Preparation Early : The earlier you start preparing for neco 2020/2021 exam, the better off you are likely to pass NECO.

If you want a good result after the exam, then you should start reading early.

Make sure you already have all the things needed to get good grades in the NECO examination.

What most neco candidates think is that, the best time to start preparing is when neco registration starts.

This would get them into getting low grades in neco.

2. Read Only O Level Textbooks : Making use of advanced level (A’ level) textbooks won’t be of any help to you in NECO.

NECO exam is simplified and also needs ordinary level (O’ level) textbooks.

3. NECO Syllabus Makes It Easier : Find the Syllabi for neco and use it wisely. In case you can’t find it, use waec syllabus, they contain the same topics.

4. Don’t Procrastinate : As the popular saying goes : “procrastination is a thief of time”. This is extremely true.

Stop procrastinating about reading this or that. Sit down and read, until you read, no one will read for you.

5. Avoid All Distractions : Do you have any thing distracting you?. Get rid of those things for some time until after you have finished neco exam.

6. Make Good Use Of NECO Past questions : Although NECO past questions and answers books are rare in most bookshops, you can still get it.

Ask in the nearest bookshop, if they don’t have in one bookshop, go to another one.

If they don’t have at all in your area of residence, you can use WAEC past questions as an alternative to NECO past questions.

Since they are almost the same, it will work for you. Only make use of past questions after you have finished reading your textbooks.

7. Find A Reading Partner If You Can : Reading alone is boring to some people. Reading in groups has been found to increase your chances of retaining more of what you studied.

You can create a reading group with your friends or better still find a reading partner.

If reading in groups doesn’t work out for you, then read alone and do what works best for you.

8. Revise What You Have Read : Do some revision after reading, you should know what works best for you.

Also take breaks during reading and revision.

Taking breaks of thirty minutes to fourty -five minutes (30 – 45) have been confirmed to work well for most students.

While revising, jot down some main points that you could easily forget when you get to the exam hall.

You will still need to go through these points before the exam.

9. Pray To God : Prayers works, in case you don’t believe. This is not a religion related post, but prayers will be compulsory if you really want to pass neco 2020 exam.

Pray To God and He will surely answer your prayers. No matter what religion you are in, just pray for God’s help in your exam.

Find time to pray everyday for your exam, divine protection and help from God.

10. Believe In Yourself And Never Give Up: You can do it. Don’t be discouraged and deceived by anyone telling you that you cannot pass neco in one sitting.

Have faith in yourself. I am 100% sure that if you follow the steps in this article and study hard, you will excel in flying colours.


That’s everything you need to know if you really want to pass NECO 2020 exam without cheating.

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Which of the steps above will you take first?.

Do you have any questions about this article?.

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

I will try to reply as soon as possible and answer your questions.



  1. I’m preparing to take NECO next year. How soon after they finish this year’s exam will the questions be available for sale? Are bookstores the only place to buy past exam questions?

    1. For now, you can still get past question up to last year and study with it, don’t wait till this year’s comes out. You can get that later.

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