I sat for Olabisi Onabanjo University post utme exam last year and something unexpected happened.

Apart from the subjects I had in mind that I was going to do, they added two more subjects.

In ths post,  am going to explain to you, the subjects that you are going to sit for in the post utme exam.

Oou admission 2020/2021


And it will be for all courses, be it mass communication, medicine, sciences, art courses, management courses, etcetera.


OOU Post Utme Subject Combination

As you should know that the post utme exam is going to take place after jamb.

You chose four subjects in jamb and you sat for these four subjects.

While registering for oou post utme online, there is no place to pick the subjects that you are going to do.

But you should be expecting questions from 6 subjects.

The four subjects you did in jamb exam and two additional subjects.

These remaining two subjects can be any two of mathematics, current affairs (general knowledge), Islamic religious studies (IRS) or Christian religious studies (CRS).

For example if you did physics, chemistry, biology and English language in jamb, in the post utme mathematics and general knowledge (current affairs) are going to be added to your questions.

If you already did mathematics in jamb before, either one of CRS or IRS will be added in addition to the current affairs.

So, you should now know that you are to read or prepare for six subjects.

Don’t ignore the additional subjects, it can boost your post utme score if you answer them correctly.

These two additional subjects are going to take 20% of your post utme exam score, now you can see that they are important to you.


How many Questions Are In OOU Post Utme Exam

This is yet another question that most candidates usually ask.

I had the same question last year but no one explained it to me, but now that I know how it works, I am going to explain it to you.

The total questions you will see on your computer is 50 (fifty).

For each subjects you did in jamb exam, the questions will be 10 (ten). Summing up to 40 (fourth) questions.

Now, it remains 10 questions. The two additional subjects will take 5 questions per subject.

You are going to do 6 subjects in the exam. Thus, 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 5 + 5 = 50 questions.

50 x 2 = 100%. This 100% is the maximum score you can get in oou post utme exam.


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