NYSC Portal login 2022 and other updates you need to be aware of (check out the guidelines here).

You are here NYSC latest news about registration, senate list and mobilization.

Whether you are for NYSC batch a, NYSC batch b,  NYSC batch c etc, you need to read this post.

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  • How to sigin to NYSC portal 2022 dashboard.
  • When NYSC was established in Nigeria.
  • How to register for NYSC 2022 program.
  • How to check the senate list for different streams on NYSC website.

Did you know that the federal government has increased NYSC allowance for corpers this year?

Even if you are not yet serving Nigeria as a corper, you can read this.

Brief history of NYSC

The national youth service corps (NYSC) is a scheme established by nigeria government to ensure that all nigeria graduates participate compulsorily in order to build a great and well developed nation.

The scheme is mainly for just a year and it exposes graduates to all types of things. It is setup mainly to prepare graduate for a life after graduation.

Nysc logo 2022

Since 1973, it has been confirmed that graduates of universities are to go for the scheme compulsorily and it only lasted for a period of one year.

Even from that year polytechnic graduate are allowed to participate in the scheme too. At the end of the scheme, a certificate will be granted to each graduate.

The NYSC certificate is quite important and needed for some jobs, without it some graduates won’t be able to get a good job.

During the service year, corpers are assigned to various kinds of jobs, some are assigned to teach secondary school students while some are assigned to work with hospitals e.t.c.

The good news about this service year is that corpers are paid a stipend popularly referred to as allowee in nigeria at the end of every month.

The allowance previously was 19,800 but currently government are working on it to make it 36,000 naira or thereabout.

The main motive for the establishment is to promote national unity and develop common ties among the youths of nigeria.

This is one reason why if any graduate finished his tertiary education in a particular state, in order to promote national unity, he will be transferred to another state for his service year.



The first step to take is to visit the NYSC portal on your browser through this url

Then after visiting you will be directed to create your own NYSC portal account.

Nysc portal login 2022

I will like to also inform you that when creating your personal NYSC portal account, you will be required to fill in some vital details and the details are:

1) Names will be required ( your surname and other names ) be careful not to forge name here, it might have an adverse effect.

2) Your valid email address will be required.

3) You will be required to confirm your valid email address.

4) You will create your personal password. Please when putting in your password, it is advised to use password you can easily remember or probably write it down when you forget.

5) Confirm the password you gave above again.

6) You will be required to give a valid phone number.

7) Where you graduated from will be required from you.

8) The type of programme you did while in the tertiary institution will also be required. For example, if you did HND(Higher national diploma) or Bsc (Bachelor of science) or b.ed (bachelor of education).

9) Then you will be required to click on the button continue

After filling all the above requirement and ensuring you gave the correct information. You will have to simply click on NYSC portal to continue your registration.

Tips to guide prospective corpers during registration

1) Do not thumbrint by mistake and don’t allow anyone to thumbrint for you. It can have a negative effect on you.

2) Make sure the passport is very clear and sharp. It is advisable to use recent passport photograph that shows the head and the two ears.

3) Do not forget the username and password you gave during registration.

4) Apply for correction of data once you noticed any mistake during the registration, it is ongoing and even after the orientation service, it is still on.

5) Crosscheck your credentials before submission to avoid error or mistake.
How to check NYSC senate portal list

NYSC Senate List 2022 on Portal

Here’s how to check 2022 NYSC senate list on

1. Visit the NYSC senate list through this url

2. Ensure you select your institution.

3. Input your matriculation number and surname in the required box

4. You will be required to select your date of birth

5. Click on the search button to see your result.

NYSC portal login 2022 updates & other information you need

It is required of every nigeria graduate and foreign nigerian student graduate that are finally through with their undergraduate courses or HND( higher national diploma) to ensure that they register for the compulsory NYSC scheme that is made to promote national unity mainly meant for them.

Nysc corpers 2022 batch

Undergraduates are to visit this website through this url to login and then visit this url to finally register for the scheme.

♠️ It should be noted that the registration process is free with an optional green card of 3000 naira.

♠️ Don’t be exploited by cybercafe’s that collects ridiculous amount just to perform this service to prospective corpers.

♠️ It should also be noted that for you to register successfully for the NYSC program, you should avoid usage of phone for the registration. This is as a result of the fact that you will have make use of biometric data like fingerprints.

It is also noticeable that a phone cannot perform such services hence that is one reason why cyber cafe’s exploit corpers because they know they will always come to them.

Actually the NYSC registration is what you can do on your own as long as you have a biometric data electronics and a laptop or desktop. But if you are not sure of yourself to do the registration on your own, then it is better you visit the cyber cafe.

♠️ All corps members are to visit their places or areas they are disperse to for a 3 week orientation exercise. This is done at least two weeks after the registration exercise.

It is during this process that prospective corpers are exposed to manowar skills, skills acquisition, and other funfilled exercises.

♠️ After the orientation exercise, each corpers will be given a posting letter to where they are posted to which might include the local government of the states.

It is during this process mostly after their posting that each corpers are sent to teach in a school or work as an health officials or work as a public servant.

♠️ It should also be noted that corp members are to stay in that city they are posted to throughout their service year. But incase of emergency they can leave the service ground but they will have to apply for a temporary leave.

   NYSC portal login 2022 – This are all the information we could gather concerning this for now, if you need more updates, keep visiting our blog regularly. We are here to serve you better.

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