Npower 2020 Recruitment Is now on sale

Npower recruitment 2020 has just began not quite long. This particular page will impact on you the necessary knowledge you need to acquire concerning how to apply for npower job offers in nigeria for both graduates and undergraduates.

In this blog post, you will acquire the knowledge needed concerning the N-power description, requirement, application skills and the necessary qualification needed.

We bring to you, the latest Npower 2020 news.


Interested applicant should ensure they follow the guidelines below for a successful application.

How To Apply For Npower Recruitment 2020


To apply for Npower recruitment 2020, all you need to do is to visit npower portal on to apply.

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Brief History Of The Npower Recruitment

The federal government of nigeria started the npower recruitment with the main motive of reducing the appaling unemployment rate of both graduate and the working class to the barest minimum.

This npower scheme established by the federal government started on august 2016.

Npower recruitment 2020/2021 portal

The npower recognises that skills and knowledge are very germane to the growth of the economy and social development hence Npower was setup for the motive of promoting skill development.

This wondrous programme called Npower is also connected to the federal government of nigeria policies in the economic and social arenas.

While providing its necessary acquisition for large scale and relevant work skills, The program also ensures to link the outcome to finding solutions to inadequate public services and stimulating the economy as a whole.

Npower programme is structured into the graduate mode and non graduate category.

The scheme also ensures that successful applicant acquires the skills necessary to create or find jobs.

The npower programme plans to deploy 500,000 trained graduates that will assist improving the country inadequacies in the terms of education, health, civic education, agriculture and so on.

The programme will also help in diversifying the economy. Applicants trained by the npower will not only have world class skills and certification but also be useful in the domestic and global markets by becoming innovators or problem solvers.

In addition, Npower will also create abundance of creativity such as software developers, animators, hardware service professional e.t.c.

Non graduates are also not left out, they also will be provided with the necessary skills needed to improve their livelihood and grow the industry.

The Necessary Keypoint To Note On Npower 2020 Recruitment

There are alot of things you should take note when applying for the npower 2020 recruitment.


Getting the right information at the right time can save you alot of stress and it can also put you ahead of others which means you obviously need to keep visiting the npower portal on a regular basis.

Ensure to take note of the following information if you wish to be successful in getting employed by the npower scheme.

♠️ Ensure to have all the credentials needed

♠️ Ensure you scan and upload your credentials on []

♠️ Don’t fall into the hands of scammers by paying anyone who claims they can help you secure a job in npower. You should note that jobs given to citizens through npower is strictly by merit.

♠️ Npower shortlisted candidates will be published shortly after.

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The Recruitment Criteria For Npower Recruitment 2020

  1. Graduates or unemployed graduates must be between the ages of 18 to 35 years old.
  2. Basic illustration skills on animation or graphic arts will be an advantage.
  3. Creative writing skills, script writing skills and analytical writing skills will also be an advantage to the applicant that possesses this skills or any of the skill.
  4. Problem solving skills
  5. Ability to undertake self tutorship.
  6. Detail oriented individual.

NOTE: All applicants should note that npower is free and the job given to people on npower based on merits.

Applicant should avoid scammers like plague so as not to lose their hard earned money to them.

No payment should be made to anybody claiming to be an agency of npower and assuring them they will help them to secure a job.

Furthermore candidates should note that the official website for npower recruitment is we also have npower login portal and we can view that through this url

Applicants who wants to be successful in their application should ensure they know the requirement, the different stages of the recruitment and other important information. They can go through this page again to gain the knowledge needed.

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N-power General Application Requirements

These are the general requirements for npower 2020.

1. It is the goal of Npower to provide a platform where most nigerians can learn vital skills.

However this programme in npower is mainly for nigeria citizens between the ages of18-35. It is not for people who does not fall within that age bracket.

2. You will need to meet the minimum requirements (if any) for your respective programme. Generally, selection is based on

a) Your expression of a genuine interest in whichever area you decide;

b) Passing the relevant tests;

c) Your willingness to push yourself beyond your comfort zone; and

d) Ability to show a flair to develop all the skills you need to be the best you can be.

3. For those graduates who are interested in the Npower programme. They are required to have a minimum of a bachelor degree or Higher National Diploma (HND).

4. While there are various fixed requirements for the programme. It is very important for each applicant to always be in charge of their actions and they should always take the action in choosing their own path by making out the very best out of the training they will receive from npower.

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Current Npower programme is divided into graduate category and non graduate category. The graduate category has only the Npower volunteer corps.

The non graduate has the Npower knowledge and Npower build. For the npower volunteer group which is only meant for graduates, it has to do with making use of nigerian citizen which are between 18 to 35 and it is a volunteering program that lasts for two years.

Those who are selected will be paid within this two years. Meanwhile, they will be deployed to identified public services institutions within their communities.

They will get access to computing devices that will contain information necessary for their specific engagement. These devices will also contain information about their continuous training and development.

While for the non graduate has the npower knowledge and npower build.

To explain the npower programme for both graduates and non graduates. I will like to explain the programmes under each category below. Just click on each programmes you want to know under the graduate category or under the non graduate category.

Graduate Category
Npower Volunteer Groups
Npower Agro
Npower Health
Npower Teach
Npower Tax

For Non-Graduates
Npower Knowledge
Npower Creative
Npower Tech Hardware

For more information concerning the npower 2020 programme or for any question, Kindly leave your comment in the comment box below… Cheers..

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