Learnallpro reports that The Council of Legal Education, Nigerian Law School Lagos Campus, is looking into a student from the Lagos Campus who drank water directly from a bottle without using a cup at the recently concluded Law Dinner on June 16th, 2022.

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According to a viral query letter sent by the authorities, the student violated Rule 6 (29) of the Nigeria Law School Code of Conduct on dinner etiquette and manners.
“On June 16, 2022, it was reported to the director and head of academics that you were found putting a bottle of water in your mouth while a glass cup was on your table,” the letter signed by Fagbemi Charles-Titilayo for the Director and Head of Academics reads.

“As a result, you are requested to explain why disciplinary action should not be taken against you for violating Rule 6 (29) of the Nigeria Law School Code of Conduct on dinner etiquette and manners.”


“Upon receipt of this letter, your explanation, if any, should be forwarded to the Director and Head of Academics within 24 hours.”



Dinners are extremely important. It is as crucial as your bar finals (exams). You must attend the law school dinner every term. When I first heard the term “law school dinner,” I assumed it meant a fancy dinner where you wear fancy gowns and have a good time. It’s the exact opposite. Law dinners are formal and solemn affairs. It’s similar to a funeral. The law states that if you do not attend the law dinner held during a term, you must return during the next session to dine. You must attend the three law dinners every term for as long as they are held. Another consequence of not attending the law dinner is that such a person will not be called to the bar, even if they are the best overall.


Students are expected to arrive at the dining hall in their black suits and skirts for ladies minutes before the meal begins. Both the gents and the ladies are expected to be in good physical condition. Ladies must wear their natural hair or a black head covering rather than scarves to the dinner. Ladies are typically given a blue scarf. During the meal, the ladies are supposed to wrap their scarves around their necks. Instead of scarves, the men wear a blue tie with the same design.

When it comes to law school, punctuality is everything. The students might have to wait for an hour or two before dinner begins in the hall. When the body of benchers enters the hall, the dinner begins. Following that, we dine, that is, we eat. During the dinner, a three-course meal is served. Ice cream (Lagos campus), bread, and butter could be served as the first course (kano campus). The second course could be jollof rice with chicken, followed by pepper soup. To quench your thirst, there are juices, wines, and bottled water on each table. The entire meal lasts no more than an hour. During dinners, students are permitted to speak quietly. Phones are not permitted during dinners, lest I forget. Following dinner, the chairman delivers a speech, and each member of the body of benchers present is introduced. Following that, the benchers and lecturers file out. DINNER IS OVER.


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