2022 New Cryptocurrency you might want to invest in

Knowing the right cryptocurrency to purchase in the year 2022 can be a difficult task as the number of new cryptocurrency to choose from is not quite much.

In this article however, are some best new cryptocurrency in 2022 you can consider.



– Lucky Block

This particular cryptocurrency is the new best in the digital market if you are going for upside potential.

The lucky Block aims at bringing development to accessing lottery products by customers everyday.

Considering the fact that the industry is presided by centralised operators, in whose heart the best interests of players is not found, one should be careful of choice.

When it comes to accessing their winnings, players on the other hand are most of the timetime, are only provided with low jackpots, sub-par odds and other form of difficulties they face.

At this point, Lucky Block should be considered as its aim is revolution. It intends to make changes by turning the whole lottery process onto the Blockchain.

Its program is completely supported by smart contract technology which enables players to gain truthfully and fairly from lottery.

Despite the fact that the project is not yet out to the public, it has gathered over $1million just in the pre-sale launch phase and can be purchased through the Lucky Block pre-sale portfolio.


– Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token is a Cryptocurrency Project Revolutionizing Digital Advertising.

Its main aim is to take away third-party intermediaries in the digital advertising industry.

In another word, the project is keen on connecting the consumers directly with the advertising companies.

Best Attention Token is developed to see to the satisfaction of the consumers as only ads that are related to the individual activities will be showcased and even those consumers a token from Basic Attention Token for the exposure.

In just about a year, this project has seen increase of more than 375% as the well-rated digital currency ensures that funds in marketing are being given to the expected audience.


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– Cardano

Another cryptocurrency you might want to consider in year 2022 especially if you are not so financially bouyant is Cardano.

Although cheap, Cardano is at the moment a solid top-ten digital currency in terms of market capitalization.

Its increase in value is currently over 330% not just because it provides transactions which are more favourable to users than that of Ethereum and its likes but its transactions is also always processed in a faster and measurable manner.

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