The NECO 2020 registration has finally started for candidates that would like to sit for the NECO examination this year, see the starting and closing date.

This post contains everything you need to know about NECO SSCE (not NECO GCE).

I will discuss how to obtain NECO form and register, registration starting date, registration closing date, examination starting date, NECO form price, timetable syllabus.

This article is clearly a complete guide for all NECO 2020/2021 candidates.


I also did this NECO in 2018 (about 2 years ago) and it was cool.

The registration process was quite stressful, but when you see your results with A’s and B’s, you will love it.

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In fact, let me tell you the truth.

NECO exam is not hard, but a lot of candidates fail to obtain less than 5 credits where some candidates get As and Bs.

So, it is your choice which group you want to fall into.

There is a simple secret and it is not even expo.

Check out the two articles above and you are on your way to blast NECO exam already.

Now, back to the topic on ground.

Before you start thinking about obtaining NECO form, first you have to meet certain requirements which I will discuss very soon.

Are you with me? Let’s begin right away.

NECO Registration Form 2020

NECO is an examination board just like WAEC and JAMB.

Do note that this examination is only done in Nigeria, no other countries apart from Nigeria partakes in NECO (i.e it is a Nation examination compared to WAEC that is written in the whole of West Africa).

You can also check out WAEC registration guide here.

Neco 2020/2021 form

NECO Registration Requirements

Before you can even think of registering for NECO, you should have fully met these requirements.

1. You should be in SS2/SS3 [Senior Secondary school]. However, if you have finished your secondary school education you can still write NECO exam.

2. You should have your list of subjects that you will sit for in the exam.

3. You should know your future career, this will help you to choose wisely and plan your educational path in life.

4. You should be ready to read and understand what you have read.

5. You should have your personal email address and phone number.

6. You should have passport photographs, although face capturing will done during registration.

7. You should know your full name, local government area, state of origin, address and date of birth.

8. You should budgeted at least ₦10k for the NECO registration fees.

How Much is NECO Form 2020

The official price of NECO form is nine thousand eight hundred and fifty naira (₦9,850).

While some schools still peg the price to ₦20,000 – ₦50,000.

NECO is trying really hard to charge such schools for extortion of money from its candidates.

When is NECO 2020 Registration Starting Date?

The registration has already started for this year examination.

Scroll down to see the closing date and important tips for you as a candidate.

Have you registered for the exam? If yes, congratulations.

How To Register For NECO 2020/2021 Exam

Do you want to register and fill NECO form?

If your answer is yes, if you are still in secondary school, your school will have started registering candidates.

Try to ask people that have registered how they did it if you haven’t.

However, if you are not in secondary school, find any public or private secondary school near you that still accepts candidates for NECO SSCE.

Where To Register For NECO SSCE 2020

The only place you can register for the ssce exam is a secondary school, either public or private.

If it was gce, then you can even completely register at a cyber cafe.

Find any secondary school near you that is still accepting candidates for NECO 2020/21 exam and register.

When is NECO 2020 Registration Closing Date/Deadline?

The deadline for NECO 2020 form is May 4, 2020.

You should try as much as possible to register before the specified deadline date for registration.

Failure to do this will result in a candidate not being able to register.

Once it’s closed, the board won’t open it again because of you.

Important Tips For NECO Candidates

These tips are top notch that you will hardly find anywhere.

  • Know your examination center before your exam starts.
  • Keep your photo card and exam candidate details very safe.
  • Don’t engage yourself in examination malpractice.
  • Take only what you will need in the exam with you.
  • Don’t try to cheat or act smarter than your invigilators.
  • Make you have the NECO 2020 timetable when it comes out.
  • There’s no shortcut, read your textbooks, past questions and notes.
  • Pray for divine intervention in your exam.

How Many Subjects Will Done in NECO?

You can do a maximum of 9 subjects and a minimum of 8 subjects in 2020 NECO exam.

NECO has more than seventy subjects in which English language and mathematics are compulsory.

Make sure you are using the correct NECO  subject combination.

Can I use NECO Awaiting Result For Admission?

Yes, you can use it for admission.

As i have said before, it’s a great alternative to WAEC.

You can even combine it with your WAEC result if the institution that you will pick in JAMB accepts it for admission.

Is NECO harder than WAEC Exam?

No, none is even hard if you are fully prepared for them.

It’s just like the WAEC examination.

The only thing that may make it hard is if you don’t read your books.

NECO Grading System 2020/2021

Just like the WAEC and gce grading system, NECO uses A, B, C, D, E and F.

When you check your NECO results you will see any of these alphabet for each subjects you did.

It goes thus;

  • A1 – Excellent
  • B2 – Very Good
  • B3 – Good
  • C4 – Credit
  • C5 – Credit
  • C6 – Credit
  • D7 – Pass
  • E8 – Pass
  • F9 – Fail

It is the dream of every candidate to see A’s and B’s playing around on their result, i wish you success.

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