Latest mtn data plan 2020 bundles with the prices and subscription [USSD] codes is what this post is going to cover. I typically enjoy MTN night plans because of it cheaper data data bundles and call rate.

Mtn…  Every where you go.. Lol, a lot of Nigerians use Mtn when viewed to other telecommunications networks or ISPs like Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile.

Most people definitely don’t know the USSD codes of most Mtn data plan, all of these will be explained in this article.

Let’s dive right in into MTN data plan 2021.



Mtn Pulse Data Plan 2021

Mtn pulse is a type of plan that you can only have access to the packages and offers if you migrate to it.


Mtn data plans 2020 bundles

This means that you need to migrate to this mtn data plan if you haven’t done that.

How to Migrate To Mtn Pulse

Now, here goes a simple way to migrate easily on your phone.

  1. Dial *406*1#
  2. Press 1 to proceed.
  3. They may or may not deduct #100 [hundred naira] for the migration fee from your phone.
  4. You have successfully migrated to mtn pulse.
  5. There is no need for any migration if you are already on this plan.

Cheap Mtn Night Browsing Data Code

You enjoy pulse night browsing from 12am-5am, any minutes or seconds after this specified time, the data will expire.

I use this bundle a lot because it is very cheap and affordable.

It is a normal data plan and can be used to do anything from downloading apps, videos, songs, live streaming, social media, etc.

  1. Simply dial *406*4#
  2. Send 1 to buy 250mb at #25 [twenty-five naira] or send 2 to buy 500mb at #50 [fifty naira].
  3. After sending any of the two, send 1 to continue.
  4. You have effectively bought mtn night data subscription.
  5. The maximum you can buy for a day is 500mb [i.e., you can buy 250mb twice or 500mb once] and you should dial *406*4*3# if you want to check your data balance.

1.5 GB at #500 [Five Hundred Naira]

This package is only for pulse users and will last for 7 days only after which it will expire.

  1. To subscribe 500 naira for 1.5gb, dial *406*2#
  2. Press 1 to proceed or 0 to go back if you are no longer buying it.
  3. If you have 500 naira on your phone, then the purchase will be successful but if you don’t, it will fail.

750mb at #300 [Three Hundred Naira]

Just as the 1.5 GB at #500 bundle, you won’t be able to subscribe to this data plan if you are not on mtn pulse, you will need to migrate first if you haven’t.

Note that it will only last for 3 days only after which it is going to expire.

  1. To get on this plan, dial *406*7#
  2. Reply 1 to carry on with the purchase.
  3. You must have at least 300 naira in your account for the transaction to be successful.

InstaBinge Bundles for Instagram Only

This bundle will work for only Instagram; you should take note of this.

The first time I bought it, I never knew it would only work for Instagram and nothing else. I tried it on facebook, twitter, whatsapp and even Google, it never worked.

Anyways, the reason why I am telling is that, I don’t want you make the same mistake I made.

  1. Dial on your phone, *406*5# to get started.
  2. Reply 1 to buy 250mb for 100 naira or 2 to but 1 GB for 200 naira.
  3. Send 1 to go on with the transaction, 2 to opt-in for auto renewal 3 to cancel auto renewal.
  4. Respond with 1 if you want the data to automatically renew or send 2 if you don’t want.
  5. Your purchase will be successful if you have enough money on your phone.
  6. Note that the 250mb for 100 naira InstaBinge will last for 1 day only, while the 1 GB for 200 naira will last for 3 days only.
  7. To check your Instagram bundle data balance, dial *406*5*3#

Mtn GoodyBag Bundles

Goodybag data plan is for social media only and will not work for any other thing.

  1. If you are interested in mtn goody bag bundles, dial *406*6#
  2. Reply 1 to buy whatsapp data, 2 for facebook data, 3 for instagram data, 4 for 2go data, 5 for wechat data, 6 for eskimi data, 7 for all social bundles or 8 for youtube & instagram data.
  3. After selecting any one of the above, select if you the daily, weekly or monthly plan.
  4. Reply with 1 to proceed with the purchase.
  5. Send 1 if want it to auto renew or 2 if you don’t want auto renewal.
  6. That’s all, your purchase will be successful if you have enough money in your account.

MTN SME or HyNet Flex Data Bundles

This package is for small marketing enterprises.

Also called hynet flex data bundle, you can buy the data for personal use or to resell it and small profits.

  1. Dial *461# on your phone if you are interested in sme bundles.
  2. Send 1 to buy hynet flex data, send 2 to buy and manage sme data share, send 3 to share the data with others.
  3. In case you are using this plan, simply dial *461*4# to check your data balance.

General MTN Data Plans For 2021

This comprises of daily, weekly, monthly and popular mtn data plans.

It is general such that you don’t need to be on any package or migrate from one to another before you can purchase any data subscription.

MTN Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Popular Data Plans

  1. For any of the daily, weekly, monthly or popular plans dial *131*1#
  2. Reply 1 for daily plans, 2 for weekly plans, 3 for monthly plans, 4 for 2 months plans, 5 for 3 months plans, 6 for popular plans, 7 for hot deals or 8 to manage your data plan.
  3. After choosing any of the above, you will see the prices and amount of data. Respond with the one that you will like to subscribe to.
  4. Send 1 to proceed with the transaction.
  5. Choose if you will like it to autorenew or you want just a one-off purchase [it will not automatically renew when your subscription finish or expire].
  6. If you have purchased any of the plans, you can check your data balance by sending 2 to 131 or dial *131*4#

Mtn Social Media Data Plan

Am sure you use facebook or whatsapp a lot, you will love this.

  1. Dial *131*3# if you will like to buy data for social media only.
  2. Send 1 for whatsapp, 2 for facebook, 3 for instagram, 4 for 2GO, 5 for wechat, 6 for eskimi, 7 for all social bundles or 8 for youtube and instagram data plans.
  3. Select the package you want to buy, maybe daily, weekly or monthly.
  4. Reply with 1 to proceed with the purchase.
  5. Choose if you want the data to auto renew or not.

XtraValue [Data + Voice] Plan

This plan gives you airtime for national and international calls and extra data when you subscribe to it.

  1. Dial *131*2# on your phone.
  2. Send 1 for xtratalk [airtime], 2 for xtradata [data] or 3 for eligible international destinations.
  3. Subscribe to the package that you want, note that it starts from 300 naira.
  4. Proceed and choose either auto renewal or one-off purchase.

Roaming and International Offers on MTN

Roaming typically means that you are using your phone outside the range of mtn and connects to other available networks.

  1. Interested in roaming or international offers?, dial *131*5# on your phone.
  2. Reply 1 for roaming data plans, 2 for roaming voice + data bundles, 3 for free incoming roaming call or 4 for international calling bundle.
  3. Subscribe to the plan that you want out of the ones above. You can also check the list of entitled countries by dialing *131*5*1*3#.

List Of Eligible Countries For Mtn Roaming and International Offers

The countries that are qualified for roaming & international offers on mtn includes:

  1. Turkey [Vodafone].
  2. United Kingdom [Telefonica/Vodafone].
  3. United States of America [AT&T] (only on 500 bundle).
  4. Canada [Bell/Telus].
  5. China Mobile.
  6. France [Orange and SFR].
  7. Germany [TMobile and Vodafone].
  8. Italy [Vodafone].
  9. Spain [Vodafone].
  10. Ireland [Vodafone].
  11. Qatar [Qtel].
  12. Netherlands [TMobile and Vodafone].
  13. Saudi Arabia (Mobile/Zain).
  14. Greece (Cosmote and Vodafone).
  15. Kenya (Safaricom).
  16. Poland (PTC).
  17. Portugal (Vodafone).
  18. Romania (Cosmote and Vodafone).
  19. Australia (Vodafone).
  20. Austria (T-Mobile).
  21. New Zealand (Vodafone).
  22. Malta (Vodafone).
  23. Croatia (Croatian Tel).
  24. Czech (Vodafone and T-Mobile).
  25. Hungary (T-Mobile).

Mtn Video Packages (Streaming & Download)

Do you love spending your time watching YouTube videos or startimes?

This mtn plan will befit you, it is cheap and good.

  1. Dial *131*8# to subscribe to a video pack plan and enjoy video streaming or download on the go.
  2. Send 1 to YouTube video packs or 2 for startimes video packs.
  3. Select the type of package that you will like to subscribe on your phone.
  4. Reply with 1 to proceed with the transaction.
  5. If you have enough or sufficient balance, the data plan will be activated.
  6. Dial *131*8*1*5# or *131*8*2*3# to check your Mtn data balance.

Mtn4Me Data Plan Code

This plan is all about offers, I mean data and airtime offers.

Just like black Friday shopping, lol. Mtn gives you irresistible offers, read on.

  1.  To get started, dial *131*9# on your phone.
  2. Send 1 for recharge offers 4Me, 2 for Data offers 4Me or 3 for combo bundles 4me.
  3. Select any of the above and it will bring the available offers for you.
  4. Pick the offer you are interested in.
  5. Send 1 to activate it on your Mtn SIM.
  6. It will work if you have sufficient balance on your phone.



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