Most Popular Cities For International Students In Canada


Canada is recognised worldwide not just for its high-quality education but ranked as the best country in the world for 2021 as per US News.
Canada had also been consistently ranking as the best country in the world for quality of life for 5 years till 2020. 11 of the world’s top 250 universities are in Canada as per QS World Ranking 2022.
So, making a decision to study in Canada will not be difficult for you but with so many universities with various programs available in each city it might be difficult to select the best city for your education experience in Canada. Here’s where we would like to help you out through this article.
Check out the list of the most popular cities in Canada for international students:

• Toronto
o Toronto is the country’s financial centre and home to one of the highly rated and most preferred university by both national and international students, i.e., the University of Toronto.
o It is a multi-cultural city known for the historical monuments and food festivals.
o Many large companies such as Coco-Cola, Nike, Google, and Apple are housed in Toronto offering plenty of great job opportunities for international students who want to settle in Canada post studies.


o The negligible record of criminal activities and welcoming city residents make Toronto a friendly place for international students.

• Vancouver
o Ranked 18th as per QS World Ranking 2022 best student cities list, Vancouver is the most student friendly city in Canada.
o With High ranked universities, reasonable tuition fees and attractive scholarships, it is a classic location for international students.
o With a vibrant immigrant community Vancouver is a highly recommended location for international students who aim to pursue higher education in Canada.

• Montreal
o For students seeking Permanent Residency, Montreal is a great place as some of the best courses for PR are available in top ranking universities in Montreal.
o Even though French is the first language in the city, major part of the population speaks English as well. Therefore, students can interact with the locals. They might also learn some French during their stay in Montreal.
o This city is the Cultural capital of Canada, consisting of many preserved historic and natural sites which make it a beautiful location to settle in.

• Ottawa
o Ottawa is a cosmopolitan city of Canada with various cultural blends and immigrants from all around the world.
o Affordable housing rentals, reasonable cost of living, part-time job opportunities, research facilities and plenty of job opportunities post study make Ottawa an optimum choice for international students.

Now that you have an idea about the best cities to pursue higher education abroad in Canada, you can make a selection of the city based on your preferences. The next step is to research how to study in Canada so that the process of admission and criteria for the universities in the favoured city are known.


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