Most Affordable Universities in the United States of America (USA) for International Students in 2022

Learnallpro reports several factors when compiling this list of the cheapest Universities in the United States for international students, including;


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a. Tuition or the cost of education at such an institution. This is the most important criterion of all because our goal is to obtain high-quality US graduate/undergraduate education at the lowest possible cost.

b. Student retention rate, or the percentage of students who complete their course of study (this often indicates how satisfied students are with educational facilities and programs);

c. Student acceptance rate This is an estimate of the number of students chosen and accepted into the institution based on the number of applicants.


d. There is also the student-to-teacher ratio, which measures the number of students for each teacher.


Following these factors, here is our list;

1. Brigham Young University: Located in Utah, Brigham Young University has over 1300 international students. It was founded in 1975 by and is still supported by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It has more undergraduate programs than graduate programs, with nearly 200 majors in total. There are about a hundred majors available in the graduate programs, which are a combination of Master’s and doctorate degree programs.

The student acceptance rate is 67 percent, with a student retention rate of 90 percent. The tuition fee is more than $6,000, and the university has topped numerous best universities lists.

Student behavior is governed by Latter Day Saints teachings, which is quite effective given that nearly all of the students are members of the Latter Day Saints church.


2. South Texas College: As the name implies, this university is located in South Texas and is an excellent choice for international students seeking a low-cost, high-quality education. It offers several undergraduate programs for a surprising $4,200 tuition fee.




Southeast Missouri State University is known for its affordability and commitment to quality and practical learning, internship programs, and exciting extracurricular activities.

It has approximately twelve thousand undergraduate students enrolled and offers courses in Humanities, Business, Biology, and other disciplines. They pay approximately $14,205 in tuition.

To apply for admission to the University, fill out an online application and pay the application fee. Remember to include all necessary documents with your application, such as proof of English proficiency, school performance sheets and transcripts, and a copy of your passport.

4. Bradley University: Bradley University offers programs in business, marketing, education, engineering, and other fields. It is a small private college that provides an exceptional educational experience.


Learning and class interaction are taken to a whole new level that promises quality impact, especially because the student/teacher ratio is optimal.

To apply to Bradley University, you must submit an application form, a personal statement, and an application fee (non-refundable). Those who wish to apply for financial assistance can do so as well. The tuition is approximately $17,000.


5. City University of New York: The City University of New York is a publicly funded college system comprised of twenty-six distinct institutions. With over 9,000 students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in fields such as engineering, journalism, computer science, law, liberal arts, and so on.



The City University of New York charges between $17,000 and $18,000 in tuition.

6. Florida State University: Florida State University was founded in 1851 in Tallahassee, Florida. It is a publicly funded research university with over sixteen individual colleges operating under it. The University accepts student applicants from over a hundred countries worldwide and admits up to two thousand of them.

Despite this, admission is competitive, with only about 36% of those who applied for enrollment being accepted. However, a 93 percent student retention rate has been reported, which speaks volumes about student satisfaction with the University’s educational quality.

It supports nearly 400 degree programs, student athletic activities, and has over 600 active student associations.

It has also made a name for itself as one of the best national universities in the United States, particularly because it is the birthplace of the well-known cancer-fighting drug Taxol.

The tuition at Florida State University is more than $22,000 per year.


7. Purdue University: Founded in 1869, Purdue University is a Greek-style, publicly funded research university in West Lafayette, Indiana.


The university is also known for its extensive support for international students and favorable policies that facilitate their educational journey. They enroll over ten thousand international students each year, making them one of the universities with the largest institutional foreign student capacity. They also have a 60 percent acceptance rate and a 92 percent student retention rate.

Purdue University has over 200 undergraduate degree programs and over 70 postgraduate degree programs. It is an excellent opportunity for international students interested in studying medical sciences or related fields such as veterinary medicine in the United States.

The school was established in 1869. The university now offers over 200 undergraduate majors, 69 master’s and doctoral programs, and professional degrees in pharmacy and veterinary medicine. The tuition is approximately $29,000.

8. University of Florida: Founded in 1853, the University of Florida has evolved into a publicly funded research university.

It is primarily located in Gainesville and houses over sixteen individual colleges as well as approximately one hundred and fifty research institutes and centers.

The University of Florida has an impressive capacity for hosting international students. Six thousand international students enroll in various degree programs each year. It is also the eighth largest university in the United States. In terms of indigenous student enrollment, over 52,000 students were admitted during the most recent academic session.

Despite these encouraging admissions figures, the student acceptance rate is only 37%, indicating the competitiveness and somewhat stringent admission policies and criteria. Student retention is 97 percent, or nearly 100 percent, indicating student satisfaction with the learning environment and techniques. The tuition is approximately $29,000.


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