Microsoft aim to Close Activision Deal


Microsoft moves closer to completing the deal that will enable the company take on Activision as a Subsidiary.


The said bill is reported to worth $68 billion as announced by Microsoft on Tuesday.

However, by taking charge of the publisher of “Call of Duty”, Microsoft will also inherit a high profile lawsuit that is currently filled against Activision.

The lawsuit that was filed against Activision last year has to do with sexual harassment as reported.

A female employee of Activision charged the video game publisher with discrimination and a “frat boy” culture.



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According to the employee, she complained that sexual harassment is constant at Activision.

She also mentioned that there are jokes at work about rape they had to endure coupled with sexual advances and discrimination.

Based on reports from business insider, the $68 billion proposed deal is a stock deal and if approved by the government, Microsoft will have to take over Activision’s legal obligations.

James Greifzu explained that even though the lawsuit is still against Activision not Microsoft, it will surely have effect on Microsoft’s reputation, Activision being it’s new subsidiary.

“There’s really going to be pressure on Microsoft from a cultural and societal perspective to have a plan to fix it from day one,” he said.

There is a rumor however that the reason Activision is in market is mainly because of the lawsuit which is also the reason behind the decreased deal cost.


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