List of KASU Students with Scholarships Offer from Kaduna Government



The Kaduna State Scholarship and Loans Board has released a list of Kaduna State University students who have been awarded merit-based and need-based scholarships to cover tuition fees until graduation.




List of KASU Students with Merit-Based Scholarship Offer

Students on this list who have previously applied for merit-based scholarships through the board’s website are not required to reapply. Students on this list who have not applied should do so right away at in order to receive their funds.

Students with a 4.0 CGPA or higher who are not on this list should apply online as well; we will process after receiving verification from the institution.

Students from departments not on the list who have previously applied through the Board’s portal will have their applications processed beginning August 31st, 2022.


List of KASU Students with Need-Based Scholarship Offer

Families of students on this list have qualified to be on the state social register. The state social register is a register of indigent families that are in serious need of government intervention. The students are however expected to produce the tax clearance certificates or death certificates where applicable of their parents. The Board will send their names to Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service to ensure they have minimum evaluation since they are indigent.

The advantage of being on the social register are:

  • Unlike need-based students following the income assessment route where the tax certificates of their parents will be assessed to see if indeed they are indigent, the tax certificate of need-based students following the social register route will not be evaluated since the State already know them as indigent students.
  • Once they pass their essay, their application will be fast-tracked straight to the school for payment.
  • They will be prioritized for other government interventions now and in the future.

Students on this list who have already applied for need-based scholarship on the board’s website need not re-apply. Students on this list who have not applied should do so immediately through to unlock their funds.

Students with 2.5 CGPA of a 5 point system or 2.0 CGPA of a 4 point system who consider their family indigent should still apply for the need-based scholarship but they will be accessed for economic status. The evaluation for need based scholarship applicants not on this list will begin in September 2022.

Residents are urged to see these efforts of the Board as a way of separating residents in serious need from those who can afford to pay their tuition. The list is definitely not exhaustive and can only be work in progress. Gradually, we will increase the capacity of the state to carry more students in need. Invariably, we will remove those who can afford to pay and want to abdicate their family responsibilities to the government.



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