Learnallpro reports that Secondary school students were expelled for protesting a lack of educational materials in their school.


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Six students from Government Day Secondary School Salihu Dogo in Jalingo, Taraba state, were expelled by the school administration after staging a protest over a lack of basic learning materials in their school.


The students allegedly staged a protest in front of the school principal’s office last week Wednesday, accusing school administration of corruption.

One of the students could be heard saying in a viral video shared online that they do not have a laboratory for science classes and that the teachers never conduct practical tests for them. They also complained about the lack of seats in their various classes, which forced them to stand or sit on the floor.

According to reports, the school has approximately 1,000 students, with school fees of N4,800 paid per term. N500 of the N4,800 is designated for furniture fees, while another N500 is designated for feeding fees.


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