2022 JAMB result is finally out online!

This is a simple and complete guide on how to check JAMB result 2022/2023.

Different types of things do happen after the exams have finished, candidates are eager & anxious to see how well they performed in JAMB 2020 CBT.

Looking for the JAMB result checker 2020?  You will find it in this post for free.


Candidates ask their selves different types of questions like;

This article will not only answer the possible questions you may have in mind, it will also show you the steps to check & print your UTME 2022 result slip online and offline.

Is JAMB Result Out For 2022 Candidates?

The result is NOT YET out for 2022 candidates.

However, if you sat for JAMB UTME in 2022, this guide will still help you check your result on JAMB portal easily.

But there is something you can do to make sure you know when they release it online.

Check jamb result 2022/2023 online

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When Will UTME Result 2022/2023 Be Out?

I am very sure that you want to know how long it will take before they release the results for 2022 candidates.

It is now out online. Scroll down to see how to check yours.

Just keep calm and keep checking this site for any latest JAMB news and updates.

How to Check JAMB Result 2022 With Registration Number Online

Your registration number is not useless!

It can be used on JAMB portal to check your result.

Okay, these are the steps that you need to follow.

1. Go to the UTME result checker ( portal).

2. Type your registration number or email address.

3. Click on the check result button.

4. That’s how to check your result with registration number.

How to Check UTME Result via SMS with Phone

Do you know that you can also use your phone to check your JAMB score via SMS?

Yes,  I mean it.

Follow these quick and simple steps.

  1. Make sure you have not less than ₦50 on your phone.
  2. Also make sure that the SIM that you used to register for JAMB 2022 is inside the phone.
  3. Send RESULT to 55019.
  4. You will receive your JAMB score and aggregate shortly after sending the message.
  5. If you did not receive any message from JAMB (55019), then do these things.
  • Put the SIM in another phone and try sending that message in step 3 again.
  • Try sending the message at night or when the network is better.

That’s the way you can check it via SMS on your phone.

What Next After Checking The Result?

Now you have checked your UTME 2022 result.

OK,  what next?

The next thing is post UTME or screening.

Start preparing for it, and also note that it is the second stage for gaining admission in Nigeria.

Don’t think that, OK now that JAMB is gone, let me rest.

No, if you really want to gain admission into any educational institution in Nigeria  then you need to work for it.

Your JAMB score, o level results, post UTME score,  catchment area, ELDS, etcetera will determine if you will gain admission or not in 2022.

Where to Check and RePrint JAMB Result Slip 2022

You can do this at any computer cafe near you that has access to internet and has printers.

Alternatively, you can go to the JAMB cbt center where you registered or anyone near you and check/print it out.

It is a matter of choice, also don’t forget to print the slip after checking it online at the cbt center or cyber cafe.

How to Print Original UTME Result 2022

You will still need the original UTME result 2020 for admission stuffs.

It will be requested for by your school during clearance or verification.

Don’t let this confuse you, the first one that you printed is not the original result,  neither is it fake.

It is known as JAMB notification of result slip.

So, to print the original 2022 UTME result slip,  what do you need to do?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to any computer cafe near you with your email address, JAMB password and money.
  2.  Tell them that you want to print out the original  JAMB result 2022 slip.
  3. The original price is ₦1000 but they will add their own charges + bank charges, because they will pay online with their credit card. So take about ₦2000 along.
  4. Give them your email address, JAMB password and money.
  5. They will help you pay and print the slip out for you.
  6. Do about 5 photocopies of the result slip.


If you can do it by yourself, then you must have;

  • A credit card with money in it.
  • A computer or laptop that has access to internet connection.
  • A good printer, must be a coloured printer.

Then follow the steps below:

  1. Login to JAMB portal for your result slip.
  2. Pay online with your card.
  3. Print it out.

Note that the slip must have your picture on the right hand side and a QR code at the bottom. 

Can JAMB 2022/23 Result Be Upgraded?

There is nothing like upgrading of your result or manipulating your scores.

Once your results are released by the board,  there is nothing you can do to change it.

In case anyone told you that he/she can help you upgrade it, please don’t listen to them.

They are all scammers, some of them will even say that they have access to JAMB server.

I have seen lots of candidates lose their money to these scammers.

Don’t give or send money to anyone because of upgrading,  what is done, is done.

Why Is My JAMB 2022 Score Low?

Your score is low due to some reasons.

But don’t think that JAMB will change your or reduce your score,  they can’t do that.

They include but are not limited to;

  1. You did not finish your questions before the time elapsed or the computer shut down.
  2. You didn’t prepare or read for JAMB 2020 exam.
  3. The questions you met in JAMB were not related to what you read for the exam.
  4. You only guessed the answers you picked and not even fully read and understand the questions before picking an answer.

And so on and so forth.

Does JAMB Results Expire?

Yes,  they do expire and are only valid for some time.

How many years will the result be valid to be used to gain admission into any higher institutions in Nigeria?

How long will it last before it expires?

In 2018, there was something that was proposed.

That the validity of UTME results should be 3 years.

But it was not accepted or approved by the board (JAMB).

So,  how many years will the 2022 result last?

Your result will valid for only one (1) year.

After that one year, it will expire and can’t be used to gain admission.

Why Is My UTME Result Not Out?

Your  result is not yet out, but you don’t know how long it will take before they release it.

It may be that;

  1. All results have not been released.
  2. The results have not been marked.
  3. Your result was withheld by the board.
  4. The results have not passed verification.
  5. You used the wrong URL to check your result.
  6. The details you used are not correct.

If your 2022 UTME result was withheld by the board, then you should read the next thing below this paragraph.

Why Was My Result Withheld & What Can I Do?

If your results was held, but it can still be released.

When checking your result, they will tell you if it was held or not.

Just because you have not seen your own JAMB result, does not mean that it has been withheld by JAMB.

But if it was actually held and you have confirmed it, then you need to do some things if you want it to be released.

  • If you checked it via SMS, then they will tell you what to do.
  • If you did not check it through SMS, I will advise you to do so.
  • Login to your JAMB account and see what they need you to do.
  • If you need to upload anything documents or certificates, please do that as soon as possible.

The major reason why JAMB use to withhold some results is examination malpractice or that cbt center has gone against JAMB rules and regulations.

Was The Results Cancelled/ Is It Fake?

The results were not cancelled and it is not fake.

Ignore any rumors about it.

People do spread rumours about JAMB, so all you have to do is to ignore them.

As of what I know, the board does release fake results.

I am very sure that this article has helped you a lot, but you can still use it to help other JAMB 2020 candidates.

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  2. Good evening sir…..I try this code 55019 to see my jamb score and I use the phone number that I register but they are replying to me that ..this GSM phone number have already been use by another candidate almost like 4x .. I don’t know what to do now…pls can you help out

    1. Same problem with my friend,that the phone number have already been used by another candidate.whats the way out sir

  3. Have tried all the means to check my result have used the via msg and the portal but I found out that the portal has been closed what will I do

  4. You made some good points there. I checked on the internet for additional information about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this site.

    1. Jamb exam is not easy to pass, My own was a different case cause I have seen my result and it is good.

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