Do you want to know everything about JAMB portal 2021/2022 for utme candidates?

In this article, you will learn everything about e-facility, caps, JAMB slip reprinting, data correction, admission letter and regularization.

This is a complete guide on 2021 for every candidate.

There’s no time to waste.


This article is simple, complete and easy to understand.

Let’s dive right in. Portal 2022 Uses

You can make use of JAMB website portal for the following things in 2022.

Some are paid, while others are totally free. You Can:

  1. Register for NOUN [National Open University of Nigeria] (Paid).
  2. Do Part Time Registration online (Paid).
  3. Do Sandwich Registration (Paid).
  4. Print Examination Slip (Free).
  5. Check mock exam result (Free).
  6. Check your JAMB result (Free).
  7. Print Original JAMB result slip (Paid).
  8. Check JAMB Caps Admission status and see if you have been offered admission (Free).
  9. Get JAMB Syllabus 2020/2022 (Free).
  10. Download Complete JAMB brochure (Free).
  11. Correction of Data [Change of institution, course, name, gender, date of birth, state of origin or local government (Paid).
  12. Check your O’level result on the portal.
  13. Check your name on JAMB matriculation list.
  14. Get your JAMB profile code.
  15. Change your JAMB password.
  16. Retrieve your registration number.
  17. Print out JAMB mock exam slip.
  18. Accept or reject admission.
  19. Accept or reject transfer approval.
  20. Check your payments history on JAMB site.

How To Login To Your JAMB Profile 2022

To login to your dashboard, you will only need two things that are very important. portal 2022 efacility

They are:

  • The email address you used for JAMB registration and;
  • Your personal JAMB password.

Let me give you the URL that you are going to use to login to JAMB efacility right away.

Go to , fill in your email address and the password you used for the registration.

Which Browsers Should You Use On The Site

You can’t just use any type of browsers on this site.

Some browsers have problems with JAMB website.

P. S: I am not in any way criticising any browsers and also don’t think that

I am promoting some browsers over the others.

I am saying this from genuine experience, I have also sat for the JAMB exam before.

So I do login to check result, admission status, letter, etcetera.

No much talk, what are the best browsers?

They are google chrome browser and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Am sure that you know chrome, as it is very popular even than Mozilla Firefox.

I will advise you not to use browsers like opera mini browser for 2022 portal.

It is not really good for the website and will make you have problems with it while using the portal.

How To Change To Desktop Mode On Mobile

This is for those candidates that will make use of their mobile phone to use JAMB efacility 2021/22.

If you are going to use a laptop or computer, then skip this part.

The site is responsive, both on mobile device and desktop.

But there is a problem, you will not be able to use it for some things as the screen needs to expanded in your browser.

This is where desktop mode comes up.

It basically expands JAMB site on your phone and it will be almost like you are using a computer for it, making it stress-free to use the features of 2022 & 2022 effectively.

I am pretty sure you understand how it works and the advantage.

So,  how will you change to desktop mode on your browser while on the website of JAMB?

Follow these simple steps.

This is one of the reasons why I said you should use a very good browser like chrome browser.

Though some chrome browsers are outdated and may not have this feature.

If this happens to you, go to google play store and update the browser.

  1. Open your browser on your phone go to 2022 or, any of the two depending on what you want to do.
  2. You will see three (3) dots arranged vertically at the top right hand side on your browser.
  3. Click on the three dots.
  4. It will bring a pop up at the right hand side.
  5. Scroll down on it.
  6. Look for desktop site and check the box near it.
  7. The page or website will be reloaded automatically after doing this.
  8. The site will now open as desktop site on your phone. That’s all.

JAMB Site Is Not Opening

You may have tried going to JAMB official portal and it is just giving errors or not opening at all.

Some people do ask me if JAMB website was hacked, just because they were not able to access it.

The website is strongly secured and cannot be hacked for any reasons.

The site not opening may be that the problem cane from JAMB or from you.

Let me explain. Main causes of the site not opening 

  1. Insufficient cellular data.
  2. Using the wrong URL.
  3. Trying to login with an invalid password or email address to the portal.
  4. JAMB is uploading some files (results, etcetera,) to their severs which may cause some downtime.

How To Print JAMB Examination Slip 2021/2022 On JAMB Portal

You will surely need your examination slip to be able to know your exam date, centre and of course time.

Jamb portal 20222 profile

It is totally free and you can print it out more than once.

  1. Once you login and click on the “print examination slip” button, wait.
  2. It will load and the slip will be automatically downloaded on your phone or computer.
  3. You can easily print it out from here. 2022 Result Online Checker

This is also the same steps that you will need to follow if you want to check your mock exam result online.

  1. Login to with your email address and password.
  2. Scroll down on after logging in.
  3. You will see some boxes, check for the one that says: “check JAMB result”.
  4. Click on that particular box.
  5. It will automatically load another page with your JAMB result. You save it on your phone from here or print it out.

After printing it out  make sure you do some photocopies.

How To Check JAMB Mock Result 2022

As I said before, the steps that you will use to check your  JAMB result with registration number is the same steps you will utilize to check your mock exam results.

  1. Login with your details to 2022
  2. Also scroll down after logging in.
  3. Check for the box that says: “Check mock result”.
  4. Click on it.
  5. Your results will load and be displayed.

I know the mock result is not useful, but still print it out.

How To Print Original JAMB result 2022

Note that printing the original JAMB result slip is not for free.

You will need to pay one thousand naira (₦1,000) online using your debit card.

If you go to any computer cafe to do out, they will add even more money to the ₦1,000 and ask you to pay.

  1. Login to 2022 using your login details.
  2. Pay the ₦1,000 online with your card.
  3. Select your examination year which is 2022.
  4. Type in your JAMB registration number.
  5. Click on the print result slip button.

Steps To Do JAMB Regularization 2021/2022

As at the time of writing this post, you cannot regularize your admission on the portal.

Calm down, it can still be done.

So, what will you do?

Visit any accredited JAMB cbt center near you.

Tell them that you want to do JAMB regularization 2021/2022.

They will request for your JAMB details and also money, because it is not done for free.

Just give them what they ask from you and make sure you complete it.

Also make sure that they fill out the form correctly for you, so that you won’t have to repeat it again.

How To Check JAMB CAPS Admission Status 2022

Click here to login to JAMB efacility portal 2022.

Then, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on “check admission status” to quickly see if you have been offered any admission or not.
  2. You can check the “access my caps” button if you want to login to 2022.
  3. When you login to JAMB CAPS, you will see nothing but “Welcome”, if you are on mobile.
  4. Change it to desktop mode on your browser as I taught you before in this post.
  5. It will reload and it will open fully.
  6. Go to the left hand side, click on “admission status”.
  7. You will now see if you have been offered admission or not.
  8. If you have, you can accept or reject the admission.

How To Print JAMB Admission Letter 2021/22 Online

The admission letter will only be available on the portal when you have been offered admission and you have also accepted the admission.

It is a very important document which must be gotten.

Here is how to print it out.

  1. Login as usual to the portal.
  2. Scroll down, you will see a box with “print admission letter”.
  3. Click on it.
  4. Pay ₦1000 with your card online for the admission letter.
  5. Pick your examination year.
  6. Enter your JAMB registration number.
  7. Click on the “print admission letter” button.
  8. Make about 5-10 photocopies OT the admission letter. It is very important and you should keep it safe.

How To Apply For JAMB Correction Of Data On JAMB Portal 2021/2022

Sometimes you may have to change the data you used during JAMB registration.

You can change your course/institution, first name, institution, surname, date of birth, last name, gender, local government or state of origin.

  1. Click on the menu at the top.
  2. Scroll down, it might not really be that legible enough.
  3. You will see a link for application for correction of data.
  4. Click on that link.
  5. It will bring out a sub menu for change of;  names, course gender, institution, date of birth, state or local government of origin.

How To Check JAMB Matriculation List 2021/2022

Seeing your name on the matriculation list of JAMB is very important if you your NYSC application to be approved.

If you did not see your name on the list,  then you will not need able to go for NYSC scheme because your application will be disapproved.

Before you can be able to get your name on the matriculation list,  you must have:

  • Printed out your JAMB admission letter from efacility portal.
  • Printed original result slip from the utme Portal.
  • Verified your documents with the admission officer in your school.

Then, the procedures are:

  1. Select the year you sat for JAMB exam.
  2. Enter your JAMB registration number.
  3. Click on the “Fetch my details” button.

How To Apply For NOUN Form On JAMB Portal 2022

Not everyone wants to apply for NOUN, but for those that do, I will show you how to easily register for NOUN form .

  1. You should know that you have to login first.
  2. It is not free, don’t think it is. You will  need to pay ₦3,500 with your card online before you can proceed to the next step.
  3. Fill the application form correctly.
  4. Click on  the submit button after you are done.

How To Apply For Part-time Programme

Just as applying for National Open University of Nigeria, it is not free.

  1. Login to the portal, not, you can check how to login above.
  2. Click on the “Part time registration” box after successfully logging in.
  3. You will need pay three thousand five hundred naira (₦3,500) online before you can proceed.
  4. Fill the registration form and submit it

How To Check Your O Level Results On JAMB Site

If you want to check your  neco result, gce result or waec result on JAMB 2021 portal, there are two ways of doing it.

  1. Login to JAMB 2022 website with your email and password.
  2. After logging in,  go to your profile on the site.
  3. Check for documents, click on it.
  4. Check the documents that have been uploaded to the portal on your profile.
  5. You will see your o level results there.


  1. Login to or login directly from 2022 then go to caps.
  2. Change to desktop mode if you are using your mobile device.
  3. There is a menu at your left hand side, go to that place. It is a drop-down menu.
  4. Find my 0 level results there.
  5. Click on it and it will load your o level results.
  6. You will see every details about it there even if you used awaiting results during JAMB registration, it will show A/R.

How To Apply for sandwich programme

You will also need to pay for sandwich programme as it is not free.

  1. Login to 2021/22 portal.
  2. You will pay three thousand five hundred naira online using your card.
  3. Fill sandwich registration and submit it after proofreading

Download JAMB 2021/2022 syllabus

If you really want to pass JAMB 2021/2022 then you must have and also use the JAMB syllabus while reading.

This syllabus is like a map or compass to all candidates.

Many candidates are busy looking for expo, runz or malpractice while others are doing the right thing by reading their books,  solving past questions, etcetera.

Most candidates of JAMB have the syllabi but they either don’t know how to use or why to use it.

In case you don’t know the syllabi gives you hints of what the board (JAMB) is likely to set for you in the exam.

It is an untapped resource JAMB give its candidates.

You download JAMB 2021/2022 syllabi for all of your four subjects at

What Is The Meaning Of JAMB IBASS?

As you are aware that JAMB means Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board.

It now remains the definition of IBASS.

IBASS means Integrated Brochure and Syllabus System.

Therefore, JAMB IBASS means JAMB Integrated Brochure and Syllabus System.

That’s very simple and easy to understand.

Download Complete JAMB brochure 2022

The brochure contains a lot of things that are beneficial to JAMB candidates and people who want to gain admission in 2022.

It ranges from subject combination, to list of  fully accredited universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and monotechnics in Nigeria.

Trust me you will need. You can get the brochure from .

Things You Cannot Do On JAMB Portal in 2022

You will not be able to do the following things or use it for the following. You cannot:

  1. Change the email address you used during JAMB registration, maybe you made a mistake or something else.
  2. Check the admission requirements and cut off mark for the institution that you applied for.
  3. Upgrade your JAMB result or score.
  4. Upload your waec, neco or gce results.

The uses are much more than what you can’t use it for.

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  1. I made an error in my email address and its been quite an issue login into my efacility with the details I have shooting back the invalid email. Though I had personally made it valid by creating it in my mobile. What do you think I should do? JAMB has a wrong email and that scares me

  2. I made mistake with my email
    I left d email I didn’t use at all for my jamb so I didn’t see any messages though
    The question is how are my going to see my jamb centre and time with address sir

  3. I have been trying to create account on e-facility site but not going through, pls help I need to print my admission letter wt barcode urgently pls

  4. Pls I hv been offered admission on my school’s portal but on caps it’s written not admitted but my school’s details are there already wat should I do??

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