Jamb mock exam 2021/2022 will be done in 2021 and many candidates still don’t know about it.

I am going to explain what you need to know about the exam, the registration process, the cost of the registration, requirements, etcetera.

If you read this post to the end and you don’t still understand all about the exam, please leave a comment below, I will reply to your comment as soon as possible.



Also note that if you are not going to register for JAMB 2021 or sit for the exam, you can’t register for the mock also not to even talk of sitting for the exam.

What Is JAMB Mock Exam 2021/2022 All About

The exam is like a complete simulation or imitation of the real UTME exam.

When JAMB first started, there was absolutely nothing like mock exam or even CBT.

It was recently introduced when the board [JAMB] discovered that most candidates don’t know how to use their computer effectively to answer the questions on their screens.

Jamb mock exam 2021/2022

There was a need for UTME candidates to be more familiar with the exam even before the exam date.

After it was introduced, it has been helping lots of UTME candidates till date.

How To Register For JAMB Mock Exam 2021/2022

If you want to sit for this exam, all you need to do is to only sign up mock exam while filling the JAMB 2021 form online.

This is one of the reasons why you should always pay attention while filling the form.

In case you are not the one filling out the form, please pay full attention to the details that He/She is inserting into the registration form.

If you have fully registered for JAMB and you did not sign up for mock test, you can’t register for the mock CBT again.

If you are really interested in this mock exam, then I will strongly advise you to tell the person that is helping you to fill in your details into the UTME registration form.

Note that you won’t pay for the UTME mock during registration.

You will be asked to pay a sum of seven hundred naira (₦700) on the day of your exam.

If you don’t pay the money, then you will not be allowed to sit for the exam.

Only people that have registered, printed their exam slip & paid for the mock will be allowed to sit for the exam.

Is UTME Mock Compulsory

No, the exam is not compulsory at all.

But if you are just sitting for jamb exam for your first time, you should should register for the mock.

It is not too expensive, only ₦700 and the seven hundred naira will be collected on the exam day.

If you don’t want to do it, fine. Nobody will reduce your jamb score for not doing it.

Jamb Mock 2021/22 Exam Date

The mock examination date is February 18, 2020.

It is only one day that it will be done.

If you don’t pay the mock fee, you won’t be allowed to sit for the examination.

Is Jamb Mock Free?

No, it is not free.

But during registration, you won’t have to pay any money.

The only day that you will pay money for it is on the exam day.

Internet seven hundred naira (₦700) will be collected from you on that day.

If you don’t pay it,  then you won’t be allowed to sit for the exam.

JAMB Mock Questions & Answers

Now which types of questions will jamb set in the mock exam and how do they set it.

The plain truth that you should know is that; JAMB does not give much time and effort to setting questions for the Pseudo-JAMB Exam.

In fact, most of the questions that you will come across in the mock test are going to be mostly from past questions.

JAMB ususally repeats some questions, but they will not come out in the same way they are in JAMB past questions.

For example, in questions that have calculations, only the variables may be changed.

The questions are not too hard if you have been preparing for JAMB 2021 right from day one.

Just read your textbooks, use the syllabi, practice past questions and do any preparations you need for the exam.

Don’t be keen on preparing only for the mock examination.

Have it in mind that you are preparing for the main JAMB CBT.

After the mock is the main examination, good preparation is what you need to pass both exams excellently at once without cheating or depending on expo or runz.

Can I Use Jamb Mock Result  To Gain Admission

No, you can’t use the mock result to gain admission.

When you print out the result, it is of very little use when compared to the original JAMB result.

Even on JAMB CAPS, your mock score won’t be there. Only that of JAMB & your O level result will be there.

You can even do a research on ‘schools that accepts mock result in Nigeria for admission in 2021 just to confirm what I just said if it is true or not.

Trust me.

You won’t see any educational institutions that uses this result as a criteria in admission in Nigeria.

How To Reprint Jamb Mock Slip 2021/2022

You will still need to do jamb mock reprint for your exam.

This slip will contain your exam date, time and center.

Update: You can start printing your jamb mock exam slip this week till the day of exam (February 18, 2021).

It will also contain other details like jamb registration number, sit number, email address, etcetera.

You will have to submit this to the invigilators before you can enter the exam hall.

But how will you get it?,  that’s quite simple. Follow these steps.

  1. Take your jamb registration number and money to any computer cafe or jamb cbt center.
  2. You may want to ask that which one is the best. Well it is a matter of choice, but I think you should do it at a cbt center if it is not too far from you.
  3. Tell them that you want to do jamb mock reprinting for the 2021 exam.
  4. Give the money and your registration number. They usually collect two hundred naira (₦200) for it.
  5. Make some photocopies of the mock examination slip that you reprinted.

Don’t forget to keep it safe, but you can still even print it out on the day of your exam in case you misplaced it.

How To Check Jamb Mock Result 2021

Just like the main examination, your answers will be marked and scored over 400.

But you will still need to check your result on jamb portal (

Let me just give you the easy steps to check your result online and print it out.

  1. Go to to check what you scored in the exam.
  2. Type in your jamb registration number or the email address you used for the registration.
  3. Click on the check utme mock result 2021  button below the area for your reg. number/email address.
  4. It will load and you will see your result.
  5. Save it as PDF file on your phone and print it out in any nearest cyber cafe.
  6. You can even check and print the result out at the computer cafe or cbt center.

That’s all, nothing more. I guess it is really simple.


In this article, I have covered all that jamb candidates should know about the jamb mock exam 2021/2022.

All related questions about it has been answered in this post.

If you will also like to add something to it, you leave a comment below containing the add up.

The result that you will get for mock is not really important. You cannot also use it to gain admission into Nigeria.

As I have said before, the 2021 mock exam is not compulsory.

No one will reprimand or punish you if you don’t sit for the UTME 2021/2022 mock examination.

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  1. Are we going to use mock slip for jamb exam?
    And are we going to pay before we enter jamb center??
    When is jamb reprinting starting please

  2. Please I made a mistake in my utme subject combination and have trying to change it but its not going. I registered for mock should I proceed and write the wrong subject in mock or do I wait to change it after the mock. Will mock stop me from changing my utme subject

  3. Please can this mock be done in any center like a center different from the one registered as for the original exam

  4. When will the centre number would be sent in to our mails for the 2020 UTME.

    i read that i should register online to enable me to seat for Mock exam, but i registered by filling 2020 UTME form, am i qualify? and i try to check my mock centre online by using my registration number and my gmail account to check but complain not found.

    Please i need your help to enable me seat for the Jamb Mock Exam.

  5. Please i registered by filling Jamb form and i though have qualify for the mock eamination, and i try to check my centre by using my email and registration number to get my center but complain not found.
    Please what can i do?

    1. You did not register before February 1 or they didn’t pick jamb mock during registration for you. There’s nothing you can do

  6. I registered for jamb,and I want to write mock buh they have nt send any message through my email..pls what should I do while some people has seen their centre

    1. Lol, you are wasting your time waiting for email.

      Go and print your jamb mock exam slip on jamb portal at any cyber cafe or cbt center.

  7. If the place where u are going to write the jamb mock is far from where u are and base on time they gave u and u can’t meet up with it, can you write the exam in another place like the cbt center where u did ur registration

      1. The same case with me
        But I finished everything
        on January 21 2020
        But they are showing me details not found for this examination

      1. I went to the cbt center today to ask they said the only place I can write the jamb mock is school I choose for the jamb mock I should go to the school I choose when registering the jamb mock the is in Yobe state and am still in Lagos can’t I write it in any higher institutions here in Lagos

  8. what is the precaution if I don’t want to sit for the jamb mock when I have already registered for it during jamb registration?

  9. Please sir,have registered for jamb
    but I can’t remembered may be I filled the mock CBT,please can i still do the mock???

  10. Will I pay at cbt center when reprinting for jamb and mock exam and can I do the jamb and mock reprint the same day?

  11. Will I be inform on the day to do the reprinting from the center I registered for the mock exam
    Or when exactly can I do the reprinting

  12. I have registered for jamb and jamb mock weeks ago
    Can I go for mock reprint now or after jamb registration
    Please I need an answer

  13. all right, but those cbt operators do not really care for student all they need is to register for candidate anyhow

      1. Pls when i register jamb I did see were them wrote mock examination,so I don’t know if I register but how can I use my phone and write the free jamb CBT application.

        1. If you did not register for it, there’s nothing you can do.
          But if you want to try past questions on your phone, you download some free jamb cbt apps on Google Play Store.

  14. Plz during my last year 2019 registration i made a mistake in my date of birth,i used 16/10/1999 instead of 16/09/1999. can i correct it during this year reg.2020

    1. There’s nothing you can do. They should have told you while filling the jamb form. Sorry for that, an alternative to the mock exam is to use free jamb cbt application on your phone.

  15. My brother has been searching for a post about 2020 jamb exam that is coming up. He wants to enroll for the exam so that he can apply admission. Immediate after I leave this site, I am going to be direct him back to this website so that he can read through this post. When he sees it, he will be very happy.
    Thanks for the information, do you know what you have done for my brother. You have made him be very happy, he will be glad to read this article.

  16. What if you register for jamb mock 2020 in your form and you don’t write it, will it stop you from writing the main jamb??

  17. Is it the center I registered for jamb that I will sit for mock exam???
    Please I need a reply and further explanation on this

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