If you have been searching for JAMB cut off mark 2020/2021 for admission in your school, then you are on the right page already.

In fact, be ready to pack your bus because you have reached the bus stop where you will find answers to all the questions that have been bothering you.

This post will contains everything that you need to know about the UTME cut off mark as a candidate of JAMB.

After all, I will also answer some of the frequently asked questions among JAMB candidates.


I won’t give you any unconfirmed or fake 2020/2021 JAMB cut off mark to be used for admission by universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria for 2020.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is JAMB Cut Off Mark 2020/2021?

The JAMB cut off score is used for admission is the minimum UTME score you must have before you can be allowed to apply for admission into a school/course.

If a candidate meet or beat this mark, he/she is qualified to participate in the school Post UTME or screening exercise.

This Post UTME or screening exercise is also another important criteria for admission.

Jamb cut off mark 2020/2021

Because the JAMB candidates that apply for admission into schools in Nigeria are more than the quota (number of students the school can admit),  they have to remove some candidates by using some criteria in which cut off mark is among.

Only the candidates that meet this cut off mark are allowed to move on to the next admission exercise.

This is why it is very important that you score high in JAMB, it gives you more confidence that you can gain admission to study your course.

I hope you get that, right?

Okay, let’s move on.

If you want to know the cut off requirement for any Nigeria university, polytechnic or college of education. Drop the name of the school in the comment section below.

Is UTME Cut Off Mark Out For 2020/2021

For now, JAMB cut off mark for all universities, polytechnics and colleges of education have not been released yet.

Here’s what you need to know.

All schools will determine and fix their cut off mark during the JAMB policy meeting which is held annually.

Many officials will attend the meeting such as the JAMB registrar, the Minister of Education, Vice Chancellors of all Universities in Nigeria, Provosts of Colleges of Education,Rectors of Polytechnics and many other important stakeholders.

In fact, the policy meeting should have been held if not for the movement restrictions due to the Corona virus pandemic.

However, from what I have seen over the years, more than 90% of schools use the use the cut off mark they used in the preceding year.

For example, UI, OAU, UNIBEN, UNILAG cut off mark last year was 200 and will remain the same thing this year.

What I am trying to say is for now, there is no official announcement by JAMB or the schools yet but it is very likely that the cut off mark for last year will also be used this year.

But, that is not all I have for you.

JAMB has released the general minimum cut off mark for all universities, polytechnics and college of education.

This is the minimum score each of the institution can peg their cut off mark during the JAMB policy meeting which will hold very soon.

Until then, you can check the cut off mark for your school which was used last year.

In case you don’t know it, drop a comment below and I will reply you with the cut off mark.

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NOTE: You can’t see the cut off scores on JAMB portal in case you want to login with the intention of seeing the  cut off.

General University Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

The general minimum cut off mark for all universities in Nigeria for 2020/21 academic session is 160.

This literally means that the cut off score for JAMB for university in Nigeria must be a minimum of 160.

With this said, any university can decide to increase it hit they can’t decrease it.

When I say university, I mean all universities including federal universities, state universities and private universities.

General Cut Off Mark For Polytechnics 2020/2021

The declared generalized utme cut off score for polytechnics in Nigeria is 120.

Some highly competitive polytechnics like federal polytechnic ilaro, Lagos State polytechnic, etcetera can decide to increase.

But one thing is for sure;  none of the Nigeria polytechnics can reduce the cut off mark said by the board (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board).

General Colleges of Education JAMB Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

As you should know before that colleges of education are considered least important in Nigeria.

Their own general cut off score in JAMB is 100.

Colleges Like Tasued, etc can decide to add a little bit to the general cut off mark but as other educational institutions in Nigeria, they don’t have the authority to decrease it.

Have JAMB Reduce 2020/21 Cut Off Score

Once the board officially releases the cut off score for all universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria, it doesn’t reduce or increase unless if it is critically needed to.

Don’t get me wrong, am not talking about a fake JAMB cut off you may have seen somewhere or possibly It was a rumour.

Once JAMB releases the admission cut off, it is rarely changed by them.

Sometimes,  educational institutions (Unis, Polys & COEs) in Nigeria do change the original score released by JAMB.

They can either increase it or decrease it.

This depends highly on the performance of the candidates that applied for admission and how competitive the school is (number of applicants to the admission quota).

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How To Calculate The Cut Off Score

There is something that you need to know.

The way departmental cut off score is calculated is totally different from that of JAMB.

And the funniest thing is that you can’t even calculate your utme cut off.

It is just your score in the JAMB exam that you need and you can see that easily in your result.

The score am talking about is not the one in each subject, I mean the aggregate JAMB score which is over 400.

For example; let’s say I scored 300 in JAMB and the JAMB cut off point for the University I picked is 220, in that way, I have beat the UTME  cut off and I am eligible for their Post UTME or screening exercise.


Bottom line is that you should try your best to score high in JAMB and beat these scores.

You can comment with the name of your school and I will tell you the cut off mark for that school.

As I repeat this, please take note of it again.

JAMB cut off is totally different from the departmental cut off mark.

Now in case you did not meet the cut off for the school you applied for, you can always do JAMB change of institution so that you won’t have to wait for a year before gaining admission.

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  1. Now dat d cut of mark is 160…assuming someone has 173 and want to go to unimed. ..and d person feel like studying nursing will u be given…if not given which course will dey give d person

    1. The minimum cut off mark is 160 but schools will still choose their own cut off mark. Most like, UNIMED cut off mark will be 180.

      But, if I am to answer your question, admission does not totally depend on your JAMB score, your Post UTME score matters too.

    1. I scored 184 is any federal university accepting it for Electrical Engineering and what is cut off mark for PTI in engineering

  2. What’s the cut off mark of Bayero University Kano, Kano State Nigeria?
    Course: Electrical Engineering

  3. My sister got 169 in her Jamb, What schools accept these cut-off marks. She’s a commercial student: Accounting, Finance, Business Admin, etc. are her primary choice options.

  4. Which university accept 169
    Which polytechnic accept 169
    Which college of education accept 169
    Wit 169 can I study biology in university or college or poly

  5. Good day………..I scored 177 in my jamb…and I want to study accountancy in the RIVER STATE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY…….
    Please what should I do????
    Change of course or institution……..

    1. No, it’s not possible. Find a science related course to study in any polytechnic of your choice.

  6. Please what’s the cut off mark for taraba state university….is it possible to get admission with just 160??

    1. As for the jamb cut off score, try to score at least 200. But for the overall cut off mark (departmental), oou does not release it.

      Just try to give it all your best in jamb and post utme exams.

      1. What will happened when the reprint hold in my appsent or I can do it in any CBT I want. because I’m far away from the CBT I register my jamb

        1. You can do it anywhere, even at a cyber cafe… It is not compulsory to do it at a cbt center.

      1. Don’t really know the one of uni ibadan because they do use departmental cut off. As for Ekiti State University the cut off is 180 for all courses. Your post UTME/Screening result will judge the rest.

  7. Good afternoon
    Please what’s the cutoff mark for mass communication & microbiology in these respective universities
    Unilag and Fuoye?

    I’m asking for myself and twin brother

  8. Please I would like to know the cut off mark for POLAC, NDA & BAYERO University Kano.
    Also when is NDA & POLAC forms going to be on sale.
    pls you can email me directly if you don’t mind.

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