Is jamb really going to accept awaiting result in 2021 during registration for jamb 2021/2022?

Not everyone that wants to do jamb already has his or her o level results and that’s perfectly fine.

Because of this, candidates are eager to know if they will be able to register for jamb without having any o level result at hand.

Sometimes it’s not because people have not done these secondary school certificate examinations; some people have their results held, cancelled or they may have failed in an important subject.


For example, a result that has a D7, E8 or F9 in English language is rendered useless.


Jamb 2021

This is because most educational institutions in Nigeria require at least 5 credit passes in o level results of applicants including English language and mathematics as compulsory subjects.

Will Jamb Accept Awaiting Result in 2021

Yes, they are going to accept it during registration.

That came very easy right? Sure!

The board already know and considers candidates with no o level results at hand.

If you have your complete result with you, please don’t go and register as AR candidate.

AR simply means Awaiting Result

If you don’t your results with you during registration, tell the person in charge of your registration at the cbt center to pick awaiting result for you.

Can i combine two o level results for jamb

Of course, you can combine two o level results during registration.

But one thing you should know is that the institution you picked in jamb should accept it for admission.

Most institutions in Nigeria specify their requirements as in not more than one [1] sitting or in not more than two [2] sittings.

One sitting means you only use one result, while two sittings means that you uploaded two o level results.

The main reason why most candidates combine results is because one or more subjects is lacking in grades in either of the two results.

Jamb uploading of result closing date 2021

There is actually no precise closing date on when you are to upload your o level result on jamb website.

But what you need to know is that your ssce or gce results are very important as they are used as a criteria to determine if you will be offered admission or not.

This is not restricted only to universities, polytechnics, monotechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria will need your o level result.

Bottom line? Upload your o level result as soon as they have released yours.

May you not lose your admission this year due to the uploading or not uploading stuffs.

If you have any questions bothering you about this year jamb exam, feel free to leave a comment below.

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