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Israel Destroys Aljazeera, AP Media Building In Gaza



Israeli planes struck targets in the Gaza Strip again on Saturday. A building housing Al-Jazeera and AP media, which had previously been evacuated, was also destroyed. The toll of this conflict has exceeded 160 dead.

The thirteen-story building housing the premises of the Qatari television station Al-Jazeera and the American news agency Associated Press was pulverized in a raid. The owner of the building had been warned in advance of an imminent airstrike and the building was evacuated. Al-Jazeera broadcast live footage of the tower collapsing in a cloud of dust.

The IDF confirmed that it had targeted the building, claiming it housed Hamas intelligence units. She also said she hit a Hamas “operation office” near the center of Gaza City, “rocket launch sites” and “a military intelligence site”.

Palestinian relief workers also announced that ten members of the same family had been killed in an Israeli airstrike in the western Gaza Strip.

For their part, Palestinian fighters fired new rounds of rockets at several Israeli cities including Tel Aviv.