IRS Aim To Start the Use of Facial Recognition



According to reports, The International Revenue Service will begin to use facial recognition, commencing 2022 summer.


Based on this fact, one will have to send a portrait picture of your one’s self if you want to pay your tax online.

You will also be required to create an account on if you use the online International Revenue Service portal.

The digital identification company has been reported to have signed numbers of contract with the United States government when the pandemic was a strong enemy.

Its operation requires that you send a selfie of yourself for facial recognition.

This will have serious effect on people, especially, those that pay their taxes online.



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Brian Krebs, according to Bloomberg, was the first to notice the change on the website of the International Revenue Service.

The message spotted by the security blogger state that “If you have an existing IRD username, please create a new account as soon as possible. We’re bringing you an improved sign-in experience. You won’t be able to log in with your existing IRS username and password starting in summer 2022,”

To create an account on, you do not only have to take a live video selfie, you will also be required to send quite a number of official documentation.

Although the latter has been in existence before now but addition of the selfie is stressful especially if the function is not organized.

It was also confirmed by IRS through a spokesman that users will now be in need of an account before they can pay their taxes or have any access to their tax records.

However, people as taken turn to make complaints logged against the app.


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