How to stay safe with Gtbank



With cybercrime on the increase, it is more vital than ever to understand well how protect your bank account and private details safe.



Online banking is an easy method to manage your money while on the road.


The disadvantage is that it may leave your account open to fraudsters if someone else obtains your login information.


If that occurs, they may withdraw funds from your account and gain access to your personal information.


On this note, Gtbank shares five ways in which you can safeguard your account or accounts in the bank.



1. Keep sensitive account information such as online banking details secret.


With cyberattacks and privacy violations making news practically every week, it is more critical than ever to take precautions to protect your bank account information.


While your bank safeguards your information, it is critical that you also take steps to protect this information and keep your bank details from unauthorized parties.



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2. Do not disclose your card details to anyone.


So far it is a personal account, there is no necessity in sharing such information with anyone. Keep your card details with you.



3. Do not respond to any email requesting that you update your information by clicking on a link.


One of the ways these fraudulent acts perpetrators operate these days is by sending several fake links stating that there is a benefit for you.


Do not fall for the trick, most links going round on social media about bonuses, giveaways and the likes are not legit.


4. Hotlist your card immediately if lost, stolen or compromised.


Do not wait till you are robbed of your money before you make complaints about your stolen or misplaced card.


Report immediately your card gets stolen or misplaced. You should also hotlist any compromised card.


To do this, sms “HOTLIST (NUBAN) to 08076665555 or log in to Gtbank online banking channels to block your card.



5. Forward all suspicious mails and online fliers to


Once you notice any suspicious email or flier, do not hesitate to send them to the bank Gmail.


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