How To Reset/Retrieve Your Jamb Password 





The ability to access your JAMB PROFILE is not just essential but mandatory.

This is because you will have to log in to your JAMB profile accept your admission or reject it when you are finally offered one.

To log in to your JAMB PROFILE, you will be needing your email address and your password. This does not necessarily mean that you have to use the same password you used for your email for your JAMB portal.

You can definitely make use of another password entirely.

However, it is not new that many students have lost account of their JAMB profile password, so if you are among these set of students, do not panic.

Highlighted in this article are the ways in which you can reset or retrieve your JAMB PROFILE password.

To recover your Jamb password, you can take three ways; the first is to retrieve your password via SMS, the second is to retrieve it from your email and you can reset your password from the JAMB WEBSITE, which is the third.


How to retrieve password via SMS


Send “PASSWORD email” to 55019 and ensure you are using the mobile number you used to register for Jamb to reset your password via SMS.

Please be aware that the service would set you back Fifty Naira (50N).


Your new password will be sent to you shortly, however if you receive something stating that your email address is either incorrect, or you are using an unregistered GSMNo, or you are using an invalid eMail format. Please provide a valid email address.


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To reset your password, go to any Jamb office or an approved Jamb CBT Center. OR, using the phone number you used to register for Jamb, send HELP as an SMS to 55019.



How to Retrieve your JAMB Password from your Email


When you created your JAMB profile, whether at a CBT centre or on your own, an email with your profile creation details was delivered to your email account.


Your name, date of birth, and password are all included in this message.


Log in to your email address and search for “Profile Creation Details” to get your password this way.


To see your password, open the email and scroll down. Click on reset password.



How to Reset your Password on JAMB Website


To make this option function, you will need to know the email address and date of birth you used to register with JAMB.


Visit to reset your JAMB password.

Enter your proper date of birth and email address.

To reset your password, go to the Get Password Reset link.

To reset your password, go to your email account and look for a message with the subject “JAMB e-Facility – Password Reset.”

To reset your password, open the email and click the “Reset my Password” link.

On the next page, type in your new password.

Select “Change Password” from the drop-down menu.


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