How to know the best times to post on Instagram






When it comes to new features and update, Instagram is a social media platform that is not stagnant.



In 2020, the app introduced new features like Reels, enhance stories and update on its Explore page.



Instagram Reels enables users to post their short and more viral-ready content which in turn complement their feed content.



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For social media audiences and business owners, running an Instagram account became unavoidable.



If compared to Facebook, the social media platforms are quite similar, in that, they are both great places to market your goods and services.


This fact was evidently showcased during the COVID-19 pandemic and has remain true till this day.



Although as at the end of year 2022, there is various changes to the platform as it does not have as much engagement as that of 2020 anymore.



However, the social media app remains a great platform for business owners or brands to advertise their content.



For this to have positive effect however, you should note the best days to post on Instagram.



These includes;

Day Time


Tuesday 1 p.m.– 5 p.m.

Wednesday. 11 a.m.

Thursday 8–9 a.m.



You should note that the Worst day of the week to post on Instagram is on Sunday.




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