How to know if an app is using your iPhone’s camera or microphone


Apple in the design of the iphone, makes it easy for users to know if an app is using their iPhone’s microphone or camera.


This was made possible in a way that the iPhone will make indications when an app is using the phone’s microphone or camera.


Apple introduced more features with the iOS 14 update which enables users to keep intact their privacy.

The update also forces apps to be transparent with their use of the iphone.

With the use of what Apple called the indicator lights, users get alerts that there is a third party app using their phone’s microphone or camera without them giving consent.



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The indicator lights has two colours which are green and orange. The colours signals when there is a third party using your camera or microphone. ,

If your phone brings up the Orange lightdot, then it means that an app is using your microphone.

It will appear right at the right corner of your phone screen over your phone bars.


For instance, the orange dot will appear when you are using the Siri function. It will also appear when you are making phone calls.


However, if it is a green light dot on iPhone then it means that an app is using your camera or both your camera and microphone simultaneously

The green light will surely appear when you place a facetime call.

To know the name of the app using your camera when the green light comes on, swipe down from the right corner of your phone screen. It will take you to the control center.

There, the name of the app will appear and will also let you know if it used your camera or both microphone and camera.




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