Fear of unknown is the most annoying thing in life. Fear of unknown usually happens during exam. Imagine spending many nights of reading and during exam, you find it difficult to remember single page you have read. It is indeed a sign of fear of unknown.

Many students failed exam because of fear of unknown. The fear has rendered many students to a state of failure.

The best thing is to look for solution so as to be free from the menace.

At this point, we need to ask ourselves this question. How can we overcome the problem?


1. Be determined

Every students need to be determined in order to overcome the spirit of fear. That’s the basic truth. Once you’re determined, spirit of fear of unknown will disappear.


2. Exercise self control

As a student that is determine to overcome spirit of fear of unknown, you need to exercise self control and do not give room for any external interference.


3. Ask for God direction

Before embarking on any exam, ask God to lead you through. During exam, ask God for direction and after exam, ask God for spirit of perfection.


The above listed three major points can you to overcome the spirit of fear of unknown. Take a bold step today and face your exam with a winning spirit.


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