How to know the best times to post on LinkedIn


Unsurprisingly for a proficient social website, LinkedIn active participation has now become incredibly consistent all through the US work week.

You are less likely to get people to look at your LinkedIn content on the weekend, when engagement drops significantly more than on other social networks we looked at.


Given how much LinkedIn material is focused on corporate innovative thinking and career development, it stands to reason that the bulk of audience are obtaining the most out of it throughout their working day.

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While LinkedIn remains more specialised in its approach than other social media platforms, it is also broadening the kinds of people it attracts.

LinkedIn is becoming a significant target for a wide spectrum of content development, in fact an important target for worker advocacy campaigns and recruiting.

While the platform is a natural fit for B2B strategy, any firm can use LinkedIn marketing best practises to highlight company and cultural accomplishments.

It is an excellent choice for employee advocacy and encouraging individuals to promote their own brand or professional growth by publishing content on their own profiles.

Here are the best days of the week and times to post on LinkedIn;

Day                        Time

Tuesday          9 a.m. – noon
Thursday         9 a.m.–noon
Wednesday     9 a.m.–2 p.m.

The worst day of the week to post on LinkedIn is on Sunday.


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